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Right brain : Instructables Answered

Not sure if this will work...

I found a left vs right brain test online- more specifically ,http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com/vancouver/left_right/rb_test.htm. I got to thinking, and I noticed that the people who call themselves creative tend to have more instructables than those who don't- so if you use the right brain percentage as a measure (however faulty) of creativity, than maybe I could graph the relationship, and (Warning- this is far fetched) find an equation. So If you could take the test, share your right brain percentage and the amount of instructables you've written, I would Greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

(what I'll use to graph it - https://www.abettercalculator.com/c)

Hope I'm not asking too much! :)


38% left
62% right
5 instructables. member since 3.14.09

im a 10 year old boy and am not intrested in that and i dont have where o work

You can salvage electronics parts from old toys and computers and make batteries (The way I did it) with vinegar, thin sheets of cardboard, and nickles. Most of the stuff that I do is done in 1 square foot of space in the same place where my computer, books, and tools are. If you want a secret​ place to do stuff, (which I don't recommend), then you could use a closet (preferably your own). 

Left -58%
Right - 42%

Instructables: 6 published, 2 unpublished (in process)
5 on the drawing board

member since March 2010,

In my opinion, creativity inspires projects, but it requires some structured linear thinking to write up all the steps and publish an 'ible. I create more than I publish. My son also carries th MacGuyver gene and is a DIY/builder/painter/modder but publishing an instrucatble is too much like homework for his taste.


6 years ago

4 instructables

Left Brain/Right Brain
Member since 12/2010

Left Brain Right Brain
48% 52%

i havent post any instructables because i dont have a workshop yet but i have tons of ideas

You don't need a workshop to make stuff like wire earrings or glue made out of milk . ;)

....or, like I did at that age, make batteries out of lead sheets, paper towels, and salt water, and with a screw driver and a few "bits" one can take many a device a part and either figure out how it works, or improve it's functions.


6 years ago

Right brain = 51%
Left brain = 49%

I haven't posted any instructables so far. I have planned a few but just did not follow through. Depression seems to do that, but it is much better.

Ah ok, I completely understand.

This has been changed.

So was your account really hacked into (or were you just messing with everyone)? Based on your last comment/question (below), I'm not so sure now...

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it didn't cause you too much trouble, and hopefully it doesn't happen again.

It might be worth bringing this up to staff, if you haven't already.

Sorry about the hacker's comment on your orangeboard! Didn't mean that...

It was the hacker.

You're doing a great job. I like the commitment.

BTW. Happy Valentine's Day.

Thanks. btw, I don't mean to mess with your data... but I published another instructable today so I'm now at 13 (hence the new number under my profile pic). I look forward to seeing the graph.

Never ever ever stop publishing instructables because of this! The whole point is to graph the raw, untouched data of Real people. Real with a capital. That's how real.

lol... no, that's not what I meant. :) - I just wanted you to know the numbers had changed, and for you to remember (as you continue this project), that numbers are likely to change for others too. Well, maybe their test numbers won't, but their instructable numbers might. :)

That's not what I meant! Someone hacked into my account and said that! I know that the numbers might change, and I'll update the graph accordingly.

P.S. Sorry if the hacker was abrasive- It wasn't me...

It might take awhile because I have to update everybody's days on instructables... Just need a couple of hours and a notebook...

56% right.
Have you tried graphing stuff with excel, its pretty right brained friendly. HA!

56 % right, I usually only post about stuff, that I thing might be interesting for a lot of people. I would love to post more, but sadly I just don't have the time. I've only got two unpublished instructables, because usually when I start something I have to finish it.

Inconclusive, ~50/50.


Just read the information in the link for 'statistical significance', and it'll make more sense. It's something to consider factoring in on your data.

Left %56

No instructables, yet. Mainly because I only found the site a couple months ago, Nov 2011. I do have several planned, 2 are in progress as I complete projects, taking pics and writing it all out.

Lots of duplicate questions on that test, you can tell it was written by a right brainer! :)

Has the test changed? Because when I took it, there weren't any duplicate questions.....

The word may be different but the questions are the same.
e.g. 33) I am spontaneous and unpredictable. and 47) I do not like to follow directions.


I was just joking around, there are just lots of questions that seem to be the same, like the above and the "I like fiction" vrs "I like non-fiction"...but they do serve a purpose, I'd imagine, as you can be spontaneous and follow or not follow directions...like both fiction and non-fiction, etc.

Interestingly, I am 50-50 or near enough, despite being an Engineer, and I have about a 50:50 published ratio.

It makes sense. Being an engineer requires logic, organization, and creativity. So your near even right-brain left-brain %s makes perfect sense.

Interesting idea. You'll also have to factor in the time someone has been a member. I've been posting instructables since December, so my number isn't going to compare very well to a member like Kiteman who's posted 141 instructables since joining in 2006...

Ok, I finally did the test. :)

Left: 49% Right: 51%

Member since Aug 2011, (wrote first instructable in Dec/11)
Written 12 Instructables.

BTW, I loved Question 50. "When you forget peoples names do you go through the alphabet until you remember". - I had to laugh at that, because I thought I was the only person who did that. lol :)

No and some of us do it for LOTS of things they forget....not just "names" LOL