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Right glue for the job Answered

HI There

I know this is not a craft question but does anyone know the type of glue that would be good to stick a piece of floor vinyl back to concrete floor. I have a small piece which has been torn and keeps flapping up its driving me mad and I don't want to just tape it down.

many thanks LB




6 months ago

The most critical step is to ensure a clean surface on the tile and the floor. The original glue or adhesive released due to a failure between the two surfaces. Concrete is notorious to emit efflorescence especially from concrete surfacing products. It may also need to be cleaned with a vinegar to balance the ph.


7 months ago

Shoe glue is a common name for a contact glue that you can get dirt cheap in many shops.
But only good for small areas.
If you need to patch up a bigger piece go to your hardware store ans ask for vinyl glue that is water based.
Small packs are available too.
Just spread it out like tile adhesive in a thin layer and press the vinyl on.
Correct the fit and wipe excess off with a damp cloth if some comes through the joint areas.