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Ripping Samsung VP-DC171 Camcorder On XP? Answered

It has no way of connecting to the computer.I can play the discs in DVD form in my mom's Vista laptop and a DVD player,but it shows up as a blank disc on my computer.I tried a ripping program,but it comes out blank and gives an error halfway through.How can I get the files off the disc?


Sounds like hardware compatibility with the disk/disk drive. I've had that problem with one of those samsung 'millenium falcon' looking cam-disc-corders before. Try using the 'finalize' or 'finish disk' function on the camcorder...

Well,I did that,but the problem does not change.

Can you rip them with the laptop, then move the files over a network to the desktop computer?

No,it fails on the laptop.

that is really...really awkward. Sorry I have no other solutions than hooking up as a video player then capturing the video. I hate dvd camcorders.