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Ripstik/Waveboard at skatepark Answered

How many of you have tried bringing your ripstik or waveboard to a skatepark? If not, it's really fun.


we have just got a new skate park here in town, it is a real nice one. my mom thinks it would be hard to ripstik in it, like, going up the hills or in the bowl and stuff...what do you think? and do people realy make fun of you because you are not using a skateboard? here are some pics!


I went with him(downhilldman) quite a few times. It is truly fun. The trick is to go early in the morning, like 9:00. Otherwise there will be a bunch of skaters staring at you. It also helps if you go with a skater, because then you aren't shunned by the other skaters.

I agree, and if you don't wake up early don't be intimidated by the skaters.

I wake up early but our city skatepark doesn't open till 12:00.And if skaters act self righteous just let them try it.

oh, our skatepark opens at sunrise. It is an ok idea to loan your board to skaters just make sure that you are holding their skateboard, because one skater tried to steal my board, but he had to come back for his own that i was hoolding onto.

They usually don't get much further than 4 feet when they try mine.Good idea though.

And If they're pissing you off an getting in your face you might want to head to another skate park.

It's a stigma thing, and a superiority thing. I will admit that a waveboard is much easier to pick up than a skateboard and so some skaters deem it unworthy since there isn't as much hard graft. Some people are just self-rightous and you'll find them in most areas unfortunately. I like waveboards, personally. I think they're a fun way to travel, if somewhat impractical.

It depends on what you started first, tell a skater to try and ride your waveboard next time and see what happens!

I imagine that when taught the motion, a skater would be carving within the hour. Waveboards are known for their ease to pick up. Like streetboards, can pick up the basics fairly quickly, but I find streetboards have a much larger vocabulary of tricks. You would probably get less aggrevation riding a streetboard, bindings allow you to get some good air. But don't change what you enjoy to do because of others. Give a streetboard a try though, similar principles.