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Road Rash Answered

Alright, folks. It's story time. What sorts of crashes have you (or anyone else you know) been involved in while riding a bike? Has anything ever spectacularly malfunctioned with a motorcycle, scooter, or other two or three-wheeled monstrosity? Seen a big crash? Ever bought a bike that had been wrecked? I've got a couple of stories. Which one to tell first..... Oh, I know! One time our '39 Chief set the garage on fire. This was back in the '60s after my grandpa had bought it for my dad, for a hundred bucks cash. 20 year old collector's motorcycle for that kind of money? What was wrong with it, you ask? A lot of things. It needed restoring, and Gramps ran a hotel at the time, and, in his spare time, an Indian museum. Both of the Native American sort and of the American iron sort. Parts were found, damage was fixed, and the bike given a fresh coat of Indian Red before it was fired up. Ran like a dream. Happy, they shut it off and went to bed. Now at this time, that garage was heated by a gas heater. The cork float in the bike's carb swelled up and got stuck, continuing to let gas fill the float bowl, run out the intake, across the floor, and... you guessed it, over to the pilot light. It was a flash fire, but it destroyed the curtains on the door and put a solid layer of char on that brand new purdy paint. Not much else in the garage was flammable, so the fire died nice and quick. The next morning, grandpa and my dad got up bright and early to get to work on the finishing touches, like air in the tires and a test ride. The found quite a suprise, to say the least.


I've only ever had 2 accidents on my electric bike. The first was a bug-strike to my cheek that knocked me clean off the bike (panicked, let go of the handlebars, wind carried me backwards), the second was a bad turn going downhill where I pulled both tires off the rim and promptly ended up eating grass and dirt at about 30 miles an hour.

i wrecked an old Honda dirt bike by going into a slide and hitting a rock. i busted the back rim shredded my leather broke several ribs, my right shoulder, and my left knee and removed alot of skin and still bare the scars from the engine. the bike had a cracked tank lost a tail pipe busted the front fork and rear rim and need all new lights and some wiring. Eric got it running again with some parts from the junk yard and a couple of months of working in his down time

Skunkpunk is pretty banged up.  He lost it on the Ninja last Tuesday night about 10 pm.  The bike is pretty rough too.  I'll try to post pics soon.


8 years ago

A while back I wiped out on my quad-bike.

I went flying and the bike rolled about 5 times, luckily not on me.

Worst damage was my helmet and arm (still scarred).

I just crashed my ninja Tuesday night broke two fingers on my left hand and my thumb on my right, and dislocated my left knee and got a little road rash. Broke off left handlebar busted the tail and headlight and bent gear shifter.


9 years ago

Prolly my friends worst wreck...
I got hit by a car, that was prolly the worst of my own...

Haha, I'm glad this got bumped. That has to be one of the best jumps I've seen in a while. 10 feet of air is pretty impressive.

It was ridiculous.

~~dumbass~~ I find your lack of intelligence disturbing...

At least he didn't land no the road !

Things it's also good he didn't land on:

- one ankle
- his wrists
- his head
- the bike in the position he was sitting on it ("Oww! My 'Iblers!")

OWWWW! I was amazed he walked away from that one.

He did get up kinda fast. I'd have been laying there a little while...

Ouch! Reminds me of myself coming off of every jump I've ever tried, with any vehicle.

I was riding my Suzzy today, and I was making a turn at less than 10 mph when THE WIND BLEW ME OVER. I was stupidly wearing a tshirt and footwear insufficient to brake my fall, so I ended up with some spectacular road rash + a sprained shoulder. Suzzy got away with a bent turn signal which I got back into order in a jiffy to get home.


Whats a shame is if id been going faster it wouldna happened....

Spekaing of viscious winds, we've had forty- to eighty-mile-an-hour gusts around here for a few days, IN THE LEE PARTS OF THE CITY. And today some genius on his sportbike was trying to ride up the street I was crossing. He got blown all over two lanes and nearly hit me... then a lightpost... then a truck... then another lightpost. Didn't hear any crashing or sirens though, so he must have made it. In the snow, no less...

Ouch, what took me out was about 50....

I have been directed to sell her though *sigh*, och intended to all along....

Fancy a new moped?

Sounds like an organ donor and a parts-bike waiting to happen!

Indeed. It was a nice bike, too. Wouldn't mind using the motor in a project of mine...

It's all right, like Skunkbait said, I am now full blown scooter trash :P

Ouch! I've been lucky and only have a small scar on my shin where it hit the handle bar during a fall. I've got a friend who has titanium bits in him to hold his leg and wrist together. Another friend is dead. If you’re riding your bike at 70km/h and suddenly a car pulls out in front of you. WAM! The impact of that collision is the equivalent of dropping from 19 meters and you are riding that bike during the fall. You take care Man.

That's awesome! Now you're real scooter trash, and you have the scars to prove it! Skunkbait Jr. bought a '73 Kawasaki on Ebay last week. I'll try to post some pics soon.

No, it's a little two stroke. He's a bit young for a Z-1.

The one on my cllarbone area REALLY hurts cuz it's REALLY deep...

I remember the first time I met Mr. Black Ice on my bike....I was turning a corner and suddenly....no bike....hello Mr. Ice, meet my face and shoulder.......

I ran over myself with my Honda the other day.

Ok, Famous cycle accidents: T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), Duane Allman, Bob Dylan, Billy Idol, Evel Knievel, Berry Oakley, George Clooney, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Busey, Eric Estrada. Any others?

I can't think of any others, but I thought Ozzy crashed a quad? Anyway, it was the aftermath of that crash that convinced me to wear a helmet at all times that there is a risk of scrambling my brain. Which includes pretty much anything with wheels when taken downhill. I'm glad I had some padding on when I was bicycling down the sidewalk at about 30 (big hill) and hit a spot where the concrete was heaved up four inches. The bike stopped, I didn't, and I flew right into the sign part of a stop sign.

Actually, you're right. I think it was a quad.

My mom wouldn't let me near a quad for the longest time after that. My cousin clotheslined herself on a barb wire fence on a quad once, too. Big scar all across her chin, cheek, and throat, but she's okay.

My mom did the same on some lttle bike. I think it was a CT70. She hit a cable with her arms and chest 35 years ago, and swore off motorcycles forever. I finally got her on the back of a bike with me LAST WEEK.

35 years, wow. I don't blame her, though, after a wreck like that. I take it you all are keeping away from the places fences like to lurk?

Bob Dylan, '66 on a Triumph 500.

I listed Dylan, but I couldn't remember what he was riding. He didn't even perform publicly for like 4 or 5 years after that, did he?

Ah, apologies, missed that. And yeah, I was really surprised by that.

Yeah, best I remember that was the "basement tapes" period. I think his first public show after the wreck was the "Concert for Bangladesh". I confiscated that set of records from my Dad back in '86.

Dar Robinson, the Stuntman who jumped off the CN tower in Toronto with no 'chute or airbag. He did stunts for 19 years without a single broken bone. He was just riding along after a motorcycle stunt for a movie, doing some B-Roll shots, and another rider knocked him over a cliff.


9 years ago

I was riding with friends on a rainy muddy piece of singletrack, along the side of the mud puddle was a barbed wire fence. So hiding underneath the water in this puddle was a log on an angle, I hit it and fell in to the barbed wire fence. I cut me up good, all up and down my arm, back, leg and hand. It kinda sucked. Then one time I was riding a rocky trail, a rock kicked up, jammed in my spokes, then hit the back of the fork leg and thew me over the bars going full speed, that sucked.... -Joe

Ouch, that barbed wire is vicious, sneaky stuff, especially when it conspires with hidden logs. I'll never forget the time we caught trespassers tearing up our mountain land on their dirtbikes... they were obviously trying to make it look like they'd been using the abandoned property for years, so they should have legal rights to it. They didn't count on all the rusty barb wire piles. All we had to do when we saw the tracks was to follow them straight into the wire, then go find the injured trespasser. Man, was he pissed, but he knew he dind't have a legal leg to stand on. He never came on our land again...


9 years ago

Well, hmm... Oh, I know! I got hit by a car whilst riding my bike two summers ago, I was 14, I ended up rolling over the hood, and fell off the side, and blacked out briefly... But I woke back up sitting on the curb with my smashed bike next to me, and my leg oozing blood. I had black tire marks along my arms and behind my neck. It was all good though! No broken bones, just a 3 1/2 foot long bruise that warped around my leg for 4 months! :D