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Road Speed limit project Answered

Hello, I'ts my first post here, so dont get mad if it's not the right subforum for this topic. I would just like some ideas/opinions for my project, because maybe I am forgetting something in addition to i am new with arduino

the idea is a device that tracks a car's speeds and omits a message to the driving control authority, in case the car exceeds the speed limit. so What I am trying to build,is a Speed limit notification system that can sense my location and speed using GPS then compare it to defined speed for the current road using algorithm then send data over GSM network to my webserver or mobile phone warning me if i exceed the speed limit .

What I need to achieve (and my plans to do so) are:

1. Arduino Uno

2. GPS module 

3. GSM shield for network connection or sms sending


4. GSM + GPS shield (Replace 2 and 3 )

5. so i will defined  maybe two or three roads using this techniques and define any speed i want

Is these parts good ?
is it ok to connect GPS module through gsm shield to Arduino ? or replace both with one shield (GPS and GSM )
I'm working on this project alone, maybe I have missed something, maybe theres a better solution for something, maybe someone else has some great ideas they are willing to share, regarding this idea and how to pull it off.

Thanks all
and sorry about my english


Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

Sounds more like a Linkit One project.

Linkit One programs with Arduino Sketch.

The GSM, or Global Systems for Mobile Communications is common in phones. It allows phones to connect to mobile networks. This allows you to send MMS and SMS messages using cellular towers.

The GPS or Global Positioning System is used in phones as well. Additionally individual GPS sets are constructed for use. GPS is used for navigation. It beams your position to satellites that determine your geographical location.

Wi-Fi is common in most electronic devices. Wi-Fi allows you to connect to wireless networks and access the internet. Wi-Fi antennas can be found in tablets, computers, videogame consoles & some cameras.

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Antenna are both one and the same. Bluetooth is found in phones, speakers and Bluetooth headsets. It allows you to exchange data over short distances.

ekayedJosehf Murchison

Answer 3 years ago

I don't have only the parts mentioned above
I will check some stores again for the electronic you mentioned but what about what i am asking about ?


3 years ago

Ok so you start speeding then get distracted by a notification on your phone that you are speeding. Seems like a recipie for disaster.

Josehf Murchisonmpilchfamily

Answer 3 years ago

Sounds like he wants to be notified when someone else is driving his car to fast.


3 years ago

Don't get me wrong but every more or less decent GPS for navigation has speed warnings build in.
Speed limits constantly change and without the backup of a map provider you will be lost to simply guessing the right speed for the road you are on.