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Road Trip Survival Kit Answered

Hi everyone, Here's the deal. In a few weeks I'll be leading my church drama team on a road trip. Not just a small trip but 1300 MILES / or at least 21 hours. Me, one other adult, and 12 teens. I know I'm going to want some essential items in a road trip survival kit, but I'm taking suggestions. Pepto, Tylenol, Ibuprophen, duct tape. . . It's 12 against 2, help! (And if it's not coming across, I mean for the sanity sake. Altoid survival tins and a maintaince tool box will of course come.)



9 years ago

I'm sorry... you're right you need more detail... it is actually a van trip. And they are all in highschool. I'm bringing my laptop so I was going to tell them to bring their DVD's and their mp3 players. I'll bring a cassette adapter for the van.

*NO ENERGY DRINKS* except for the drivers.

What else?

How are you getting there? If it's a bus with TVs, let them bring movies to watch. And how old? The older they are the more easily they'll be able to entertain themselves. Snacks will be helpful.

Let them bring hand-held games and mobile phones. You'd be surprised how much they will entertain themselves just because they can talk by bluetooth down the length of the bus, or spend the journey picto-texting with Nintendo DSs. Travel DVD players (with the most grown-up films they are allowed to watch). Bottles of water in a cold-box.

You need music. Lots and lots of music. And audiobooks.