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Robot Art Winners! Answered

We asked you to decorate a robot and send it in and the response was huge! We got a great big pile of robots decorated in so many different ways and Eric's wall is going to be the best one ever. It is boring no more!

We were so excited about the number of responses that we decided to give away two books, not one. One winner was chosen by randomly selecting a winner from all of the robots and one was selected by randomly selecting one of the senders. We spun Eric around and he shot at the robots and envelopes with a Nerf gun. Here are the lucky targets:

Robot winner: libraryCat
Envelope winner: domestic_engineer


Damn my parents for taking away my internet!!!!


9 years ago

Great random choice method- we decided what to have for breakfast one morning by writing TOAST, BACON, TEA, COFFEE etc. on a big whiteboard and taking 6 shots each with a Maverick :)

lol the scope is on backwards...

I love the method of choosing the winners! Well done to all.

Hooray! I'm honored! Thanks!!!!!!!! (good thing I put that nerf dart magnet in my envelope)

The second one wouldn't really make sense anyway.

Amazing pictures, congratulations libraryCat and domestic_engineer!

that's nice, i guess i'll send in the instructopedia pic late...

lol this looks like THE BEST job eeeevverrr

Congrats! I want a photo of eric's office now!

pic 1 on the right, the door is open..

Congratulations to both of the winners!