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Robot Hunting Trophies Answered

After a long, dangerous hunt of the wild robots it's only natural that you'd want to place their head on your wall as a trophy. I mean, that's your right as a red-blooded hunter, right?




10 years ago

It gets better. From the link:

An infrared sensor allows the robots, each in its own way, to detect the presence but also the movements of visitors.

As you approach, the robots turn their heads in your direction, their eyes light up, come too close and the robot suddenly growls. The closer you get, the more aggressive its behaviour.

If you walk fast facing the wall of trophies, a chain reaction will emerge such as a wave of protestation following your walk and manifesting their anger at having been tracked, chased, killed, cut up and exhibited as decorative icons.


I thought you meant that robot was making trophies of the people he is killing on his mission to rule the planet.