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Robot Pegasus design possible? Answered

Ok, so I have another idea that will most likely never get anywhere due to my lack of funds/it not being possible.

          What if I made a magnetic track somewhat like a maglev and had a robotic pegasus with electromagnets in its feet. It would also be an ornithopter to get it farther than a few inches off the ground. I would have the magnetic track to have it hover a few inches off the ground for about a minute before and after takeoff to make it less likely to crash on landing and give a minute to text the mayor to not worry about any upcoming pegasus sightings above or around town before taking off.

          What kind of horsepower engine would I need to power the wings enough to get sufficient lift (at least 15-20 feet)? And would the electromagnet buffer before landing be significant enough to at least lessen the impact so it doesn't maim/kill you if you crash?

          The electromagnets don't seem to me like they would work, but it would still be fun just to hover it to show it off without flying up 20-30 feet and worry about falling.

Also, would it make it too heavy to fly if I put in an extra motor to make it walk/run so it doesn't have to be flying to move?

I don't really expect this to be within my budget, but it would still be cool.


I think the answer is NO BUT if you get it working then write it up and we will all cheer.

Yeah, if I get it to work I will probably cheer the most out of everybody, seeing as I've never even made a ground vehicle, much less a flying one. But what kind of horsepower engine do you think this would need?

BIG - look at small home made aeroplanes and think bigger as ornothopters are less efficient (if possible at a large size.)

That's what I thought so I'll probably need either around 4 lawnmower engines or a 3,000 dollar ultralight helicopter engine. Either way spending over $1000. I may just make it a helicopter type thing and just put the wings for show so I can use a cheaper motor.


7 years ago

You are going to be on it ? ..... Or in it ?
Here is a simple centaur solution from Burning Man
It uses little power. . . . . . . . A

ALIEN Centaur1.jpg

preferably on it, since it is a pegasus, not a centaur, but i may change my mind to make it simpler

4 legs are four equine limbs despite road apples

I'm not sure what that means, but ok.

Road apples are a polite way to describe what all these four legged creatures
leave behind them.