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Robot T-shirt Answered

ewilhelm pointed me to some high resolution picts of the instructables robot
so I made a T-shirt with T-shirt transfer paper.



couldnt they also use a special printer to uhh scan and copy?

Yea, I saw that. How is the quality of the shirt though? Does it hold up in the wash?

(Assuming his stuff works the same as mine) It lasts a good amount of time, but eventually will start to wear off.

All kinds of places..i think we've gotten it at best buy a long time ago. Just search for iron on tshirt paper.

Awesome! Thanks!

this stuff holds up fairly well It does start to fade and peel after a few washes but hey it wasnt that expensive.

yeah... cool. but i have a real instructables t shirt, i got it because of a knex thing

It's not nice to brag

oh my god that was like really fast like a few seconds later you posted that


11 years ago

One mistake I made was I forgot to reverse the picture so its backwards and that was my last sheet


11 years ago

Will it work on other than a white shirt?


Reply 11 years ago

the more expensive stuff can

Nice! The only problem is that iron-on transfer paper tends to degrade and peel surprisingly quickly. Screen-printing holds up better, but this is SO much faster and cheaper. Unless you win a contest...

How do you do that?

They make paper that you can print onto, and then iron it onto your shirt.