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Robot [Tee] Goes to the Magic Kingdom Answered

Yes Kiteman, I know just a few weeks ago I said that I haven't visited Disney in a long long time... which, at the time was true....

My parent's came up to visit and my family went to the Disney "not so scary Halloween" two weeks ago (oh, I do have a 6 year old sister :p)... They give out candy (good candy too :p), most of the rides are open and the best Disney parade Disney's ever done (according to the people that work there).

In any case, I thought this phallic mickey head was hilarious - I wasn't the only one that thought so too :p

In any case, I found myself poking my head around props and such, looking at how things work rather than riding rides....

And talking with some workers... They started putting up Christmas lights weeks ago - they had a cherry picker that could reach the top of the castle...

In any case, robot+mickey -- both of their heads likely have the same amount of articulation (except mickey's head sounds like a printer :p)


. You should start a Look-Where-I-Took-My-Pic-Wearing-An-Ibles-Tee/hat/whatever group.

One of my tees went to school last week (charity non-uniform day) - got a lot of admiring comments, along the lines of woah, sir, cool!.

I wish you were my teacher... PLEASE COME HERE! We have... a good football team? (not soccer... football. We're undefeated :D) You'll be 1/2 way to Instructables HQ! Although -- I would be kind of freaked out... I wouldn't want to know one of my teachers online...

Sorry - the commute would kill me.

When i wear mine to school, I usually get some people saying..."I know what that picture is, but I don't know where it is from!"

That is an awesome idea. First to everest summit in an iBles t-shirt wins!

I don't know what you think the person who does that should receive, but I can bet you that it wouldn't be enough for me!

I was thinking the same thing!