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Robot gets Bizzy! Answered

Hey, I just noticed that on some of the categories, there are customized Robots!  I'm a bit disappointed that neither Halloween nor Dremel are part of the fun, but it's still cute :-)


You missed the one hiding in "Yarn" :)

I didn't go below top level. I only noticed because I was answering a Technology question, and decided to see if there were any others....

Very nice, folks.

Hope there're more coming :) I heard rumours that there are currently only those 5.

Think it'll spawn a whole wave of fan art to fill in the gaps?

Caitlinsdad probably has almost all of it covered already. They just need to ask :-)

Actually, they probably don't even need to do that.

Heh, I noticed those today but figured they'd been there forever and I'd just been clueless.