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Robot neck design? Answered

I dont know if anyone is familiar with the Star Wars Old republic T3-M3 Droid. I have just stated building a full size replica of this Droid but could do with some advice on the neck mechanism. The head is going to be reasonably heavy but I want it to be able to pan, tilts and rotate reasonably fast. I have looked at using servos to control the pan and tilt and motor to rotate or i could use linear actuators. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could build a simple but effective system, or even better have any working models of drawings I could look at to get some inspiration, I have builders block.


Dude! I just looked at your robot page your a legend! I had no idea how big your robots are.
About your neck have you thought about using an automotive steering universal joint.? you could mount one end on a bearing, and it will give you 3 axis of movement. (the bearing would give rotation and the uni joint tilt left/ right and tilt froward/ back)
The uni joint are steel so easy enough to weld arms on the side of it to fit your servo mounts and linkages.
If you go to a car wreckers you could get a whole steering column with the unis and bearings cheaply


Does the head rotate all the way around? Does the tilt need to be relative to the "face" or relative to the body? Hoe many axis do you need to tilt around, just side-to-side or do you need front-to-back as well? The tilt is best accomplished by servos as is the rotation, only if it isn't 360º. If it is, then you need a motor, probably a  stepper, and some sort of anti-twist device for the wires running into the head.

Pivot on the centre of gravity, and you don't need to worry too much about the weight of it. Servos would be the simplest way to move it.