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Robotic fly, er, flies! Answered

This is rather cool, especially the way they engineered the flexibility of the wing.



Haha, I went there and got some washer/dryer add, but it had this chip thing and these little circled points -- I thought it was saying it was so small you couldn't see it :P I wonder if its possible for someone like me (ha!) to do it? Or at least someone besides them... I'm not saying do what they did -- but get close. Maybe not takeoff, but glide @ a respectible rate. The hardest part would be power, but it'd probably have to be induced...

See the link top-right, where it says "click here to skip this advertisement"?

And what exactly is this going to do for the worldwide civilization (where it exists)?

"such small flying machines could one day be used as spies, or for detecting harmful chemicals."

But these are smaller, and wayy more portable. (these are machines, if you hadn't noticed =D )

A true American has nothing to hide, and welcomes the occasional privacy compromising surveillance/search!

Now, what's that name I'm groping for?

Oh, yes: Richard Nixon.

It's supposed to lead to the first true fly-on-the-wall eaves-dropper.

All they need now are a camera and microphone small enough for it to carry. And the batteries. And the antennae...

Yea, you'd have better luck with a glass agains't the wall