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Rock Band Answered

A couple weeks ago my oldest brother that doesn't live at my house anymore brought over Rock Band and I loved the drums they are the best instrument in the game so i was wondering what you're favorite instrument is.


Drums on Medium, guitar on hard(most songs, I can play all on medium, and some on expert), bass is the same, and singing on expert if I know the song, but if I don't, then medium.


In guitar hero I can play alot of songs on expert on drums

every on expert guitar.

im best at guitar. i suck at drums i only get like 60% on easy. maybe its because im white so i have no rhythm?

lol. i dont think i should laugh,but look at it this way:im white, too.

i slowed down with the sticks and now i get like 80%.

awwww that smells but im white too lol but that dosnt mean anything


9 years ago

The drums are hardest, at least for me! I can play them without dying on Easy (provided it's not a killer song), guitar on medium, bass on hard, and can sing on expert if I know the song.

Being good at multitasking pretty much determines how good you are with the drums.

that stinks guitar is easiest but i find drums pretty easy

My friend is planing to buy this and I can't w8 to try it! I played all the guitar heroes, 1, 2 and 3, am not much of an expert but i can get 95% on medium, Trough the fire and flames song... My friend doesn't have a GH guitar, and for him it is to easy to play whit a joystick on PS2 so he plays on his PC holding the keyboard like this... This is how kids that can't afford a GH guitar play the game. xD


frets on fire is a free pc version of guitar hero:P

ok cool i have around 106 dollars right now so i can afford one

Guitar on Hard for the Wii. In real life, Electric keyboard


Yes and I can play alot of the Nintendo game theme songs, including the song of storms, and the Number of the Beast.


I,m not like the phantom of the opera(or as I call him the phantom Shi tter) But I love Guns N' Roses.


except for drums and how your friends and family can play i hate gh4 gh3 is WAAAAAAAAY BETTTER!

No, I LOVE it. Better songs on GH4, IMHO.


Is TTFAF a download?

no i dont think you can get it in gh4 but it comes in gh3


9 years ago

I'm still waiting on "Trombone Hero", the plastic peripheral for that would be brilliant. Also allows for some branching out into jazz and ska :-)

That would be AMAZING!

I don't like rock band, gives people the false impression that they rock out and they can play the drum/guitars. When I do play it I guess I'm okay at drums and guitar (like I can pass stages on hard, but just barely). I'm more of a ddr guy :P

yeah, I totally agree it takes skill, it's just not the same as a real drum set. As ddr isn't really dancing, lol. Requires teknicks

no I think it's better by a bit but I have never picked up a guitar (I don't have one) but yeah i kinda wanna play ddr

Good at Drums, mic, and some guitar My favourite is drums.