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Rock Chicks! Answered

The Barbican's Curve Gallery has an exhibit that makes me smile, even though I haven't seen it in the flesh.  Or feathers;

You walk in to a narrow, high-ceilinged white room filled with exotic Zebra Finches. They have lovely little cherry-red beaks and speckled feathers in all sorts of designs. Instead of bird tables, the room is furnished with electric guitars, basses and cymbals. Which the birds play. Yes, that’s right. They bounce around from one instrument to the next, in search of seed or fun. Birds playing a rock gig. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

The zebra finch giving Slash a run for his money Photo: PA

Everyone in there is smiling like they’ve just smoked a bucket of marijuana. You can’t not. Standing inches away from these birds playing Les Paul guitars by Gibson is so completely surreal – well, I’m going back this weekend.

Anybody fancy recreating it in their own aviary?



Strange, most people would play the same.

I finally loaded up. Now I'm thinking about monkeys and typewriters...


 The one with the stick rocked my face off. 

That was precious. :D

It was very nearly actual music, wasn't it?

Like the noise you sometimes hear through garage doors...

 Or the music I spent my teenage years in crappy punk clubs listening to. :D

I guess that we talking about the same thing in different settings, ha.

(It wouldn't load) but now that the rooks are back (aaa aaaa! aaaa AAA! aaa AAA!  aaaa  aaa! etc) I'm thinking more of birds and metal...
Looks like something great - you went up to London to see this especially?


No, I got it off the Telegraph (but forgot to add the link...)

I was speaking to a guy in the pub today who reckoned the The Times, Telegraph, Guardian (and another I forget) were the only quality ones left. I disagree, his point was right, but maybe 10 years ago or more. Then he went to the casino to make some money.


Kiteman talked about smoking pot.