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Rockford Fosgate R500X1D repair help? Answered

I have a Rockford Fosgate R500X1D that is having issues. It lasted a while but then there was a loud "pop". It still worked, but it could only go so far. I took it apart and found a bulging capacitor. I have already replaced the capacitor with one that had the same specs. After the swap, It worked for a few minutes but then there was another "pop". I took it apart again and found a discharge(?)/burn(?)/explosion(?) mark on the bottom of the enclosure right beneath the new capacitor. I can't recall if there was one there before or not. This time, however, the capacitor seems to be fine but the amp is still acting up and i'm not too sure what the problem is. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.



3 years ago

You have week and damaged semiconductors passing AC to a cap see bulge that will fail again, evidenced by the high current in the top inductor.

When an electrolytic capacitor sees reverse DC or AC it heats up and turns internal electrolyte to steam that pops the cap seal only a symptom.


Likely there is anotehr component causing the issue and the weakest link is the chain (i.e. the capacitor) is the first thing to fail catastrophically indicating the problem. Without proper test equipment you won't have a chance to troubleshoot the problem and find the real culprite.