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Roland Picza PIX-30 3D Scanner? Answered

I recently bought a Roland ColorCamm PC-600 Color Vinyl Printer/Cutter for my business at an auctions, and in the bottom of the box of supplies with it, we found a Roland Picza PIX-30 3D Scanner. I have NO IDEA what to use it for, but paid good money for the lot and dont want to let it go to waste. I found it online at a Jewelry Supply company for $3400 brand new. Any ideas what its for? (Besides creating accurate 3D models of objects)? What use is it to me? Who would have a use for it? Should I just sell it?


Well I will tell you what, I currently have no need for it, but its certainly not worth $3400, its in amazing condition and works beautifully, but its not new. So I now have to find a place to unload a digital 3d scanner for about $2000. Heeerre we go.. lol

Do you by any chance still have the Roland scanner to sell?
I would definitely be interested, if it is in working order.
Please get back to me at lotec@cox.net, if you still have it.
Thank you,

"Besides creating accurate 3D models of objects?" That sentence is the definition of a 3D scanner.

Here's an example of how a company would use it. Lets say this company designs cases for cell phones. In the past they would have to painstakingly measure the phone they were designing a case for. Now they can 3D scan the phone, input the data into a CAD program, and design a case to the exact dimensions of the phone.
I don't know what use it is to you unless I know what your business is.

HERE'S the brochure.

I don't have $3.5k but I know me and most any other creator would kill to just find one of these in a box of supplies.

yeah, count me in - my hackerspace would almost literally kill for one.

I am looking to sell it. For cheap. If anyone you might know would be interested, let me know

Still $2000? I'm certainly interested but as an individual I can't spare the kind of cash a small business could. Try searching your local area for hackerspaces, makerspaces, DIY workshops, etc.

Actually, at this point, I would be happy just to get my initial investment in the Printer and Scanner of $1100 back. I am willing to negotiate

My wife would kill me but like I said I'm sure there are plenty of small businesses and DIY groups/workshops that would be more than willing to pay that. Not sure where in the world you are but try posting on craigslist if available or even ebay.
Actually check the forums here at Instructables.