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[Already Fixed] Rollback changes for instructable with views: 843566 rating: 5 Answered

I have a very popular instructable, with 844k views and 5 star rating: https://www.instructables.com/id/Teardrop-Trailer/

Looks like for the last few days, the whole thing doesn't show pictures anymore (most of them aren't showed), so is there a way to, for example rollback to the version from a month ago?

The whole instructable was setup using html editor.

This was fixed by the instructables support team.


Just be careful not to edit an HTML-intensive project if your Pro membership has lapsed. There is some danger that the changed permissions on the account could strip the inline formatting until we get a fix up. There was much consternation at HQ when troubleshooting this particular problem and a rare entomological specimen was discovered during the dig.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was the problem and that was my fault. I made a modification to the first page while my pro was expired. I activated my pro just after and tried to save the project again, but the information was lost already. Thank you for fixing it for me!

Not your fault. Inline HTML ought to persist even beyond a pro subscription. Yours happens to be one of the most HTML-intensive projects on all of Instructables, so you may be stuck as our HTML coal mine canary for a bit. Thanks for panicking so coolly, and let me know ASAP if things get wonky in the future.

What browser (version and operating system) are you using? I just looked, and I see all of your HTML-inlined images, for all 33 steps. It's a really awesome writeup!

Is it possible that you've changed computers or browser versions recently?

Yes, is fixed now. Instructable support team reversed the changes and it's back online and working.

Great! I'm glad you were able to get it resolved quickly.

I've just used your link, and all the pictures seem to be present. Had you embedded any within the text?

I can see the images you added using inline HTML fine in step 3, as you link it. Have you cleared your browser cache, and is your browser zoom set to 100% (ctrl+0 resets it)

Yes, is fixed now. Instructable support team reversed the changes and it's back online and working.

That sounds like it's something to do with the changeover to the new editor.

If I were you, I'd move this topic to "bugs".