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Rolling House Answered

The Roll It is an experimental house design that was developed at the University of Karlsruhe. To use the house in a different way, just walk along the inside to roll it to create a new up and down. There's a bed, an exercise area, and even a kitchen with a sink. I really wish I could find an explanation of how that last one works.

Roll It
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i wish i could live in it without looking like a total nerd


7 years ago

Japanese capsule hotels just became 5 Star, I can see it now. I would love one room in my house to be this. They should be should as house extension kits.

 I wonder if it floats? 

Last I checked, we're not that advanced yet...

You know, this could be an interesting take on the sort of clubhouse shed thing, big vehicle axle as a bearing and a support either side, make some kind of insane hamster wheel of various activities...  

 good idea it would roll like a hamster wheel without going anywhere look at my idea too for a rolling two room house its on this comment page somewhere



8 years ago

 what if you took a long rectangle and placed it in between two of them and put a chain so that they roll in sync and when you want you can stop, open a hatch crawl through the rectangle (you could make it as tall as you so you could walk through it) and close the hatch behind you and then make your way to the other side open the hatch and you are in a different room. the center rectangle would be attached to the center of the rolling THING and you would use the hatch to get out (after rolling halfway so its on the opposite side of the rectangle hallway) instead of getting out on the side. and in the middle you could drive tent stakes to hold it (neighbor proof :-D)

Probly not real safe if you have niehbors that like to play pranks and Roll your house away ...I can see water issues and high wind being potential threats...What if you get drunk and fall down ... lol

Probably like this...


Look up 2001:A Space Odyssey.  The original rolling space station.


8 years ago

 I would be worried about this house gathering moss over time. Any info on whether or not a rolling house does or does not gather moss?

 I want one. =[ Can any one translate the site.

Hi wmanidi, try this free translator (just copy and paste any german text into it - does a reasonable job):


 Thanks. I actually did find that link before, but Firefox choked on it. 

OK, not a FF choke, but just the site loading incredibly slowly. Tried it again and only after leaving for a bit and coming back did the page come up. Happened both in FF and Chrome.

Crap. All the good stuff about the build is in there...


 Chrome seems to be loading nothing on this page either.

You know, Ed, with that title, I figured the house would either be in Amsterdam or Humboldt County....

You noticed the fine joints spread out all over the floor.

.  I see them, now that you point them out. I was distracted by the smoking coed.

That looks like it would be extremely cramped and uncomfortable to live in. I could see it being a room in a house, but an extended stay as an actual home would probably get frustrating fast. It's a cool concept, though. I suppose there are some people who would rather live in a cramped rotating space than a boring, cramped studio. 

As I've seen on the pictures, the kitchen doesn't have a real sink, but just a bowl, which works as washbasin. The toilett which they used seems to be a chemical one mounted on a rotatable axis. And somehow I'm missing a shower, if you want to have a complete flat.

The whole thing would be much easier, if kitchen and bath elements would not be rotatable. But all in all it's an very interessting concept for an alternative way of living. It would be great to built such a thing ;)

Oh, no.  This would *not* be compatible with my vertical filing system.

 I am so going to have to build one of those, well padded though so I can roll it down hills :D


8 years ago

Wow I really want to make one of these!  Thanks for finding the project site, lemonie, there's enough information there I won't have to do much design.  I will Instructableize if I actually end up doing it!

omg!!! omg.. omg... omg!!! OMG!