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Rolson hand tool sale? Answered

Not sure if this is a local thing or whether it's also going on elsewhere, but Tesco in Cambridge is having a sale on Rolson tools: I got a pair of safety goggles, four pack of clamps and a junior hacksaw for a pound each, and there's more (mostly hand tools) to be had.  I know all the adages about buying cheap tools, but at that price I'd happily use them as raw materials for a one-off make.  

UKinese members, check out the hardware aisle in your local big Tesco, thar be (potentially) bargains.  Now I'll have to work out something to do with them all...


Cool, thanks for the heads-up.

I came back with two packs of sandpaper and a pair of safety glasses, grand total £3.00

(I actually went to Tescos looking for paperclips...)