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Room design?????? I need some ideas. Answered

Ok, I'm 15 and I'm fianlly getting my own room! (Sad, I know, I've shared with my little bro for forever) But our room has  always been boring. With our trophys and maybe a pic or two. But now, I'm moving out and have even less stuff. I just need an idea for a room design/decor. Or maybe some cool, cheap, and easy furniture. Please help!!!


go with anything you like :)
i had the same problem when my lil 'sis moved out of my room, a lot of space, noting to put in it. that was about 3-4 years ago and i'm still trying to fill it

tables are good. even if you don't have a exact use for one,they're handy for doing homework, trying to order stuff and just filling that blank space. bookcases, cabnets, new style of beds are good to

word of warning- when changing paint colors, buy sample cards first! when i was 14 i was CERTAIN after months of looking around i wanted a pitch-black room with blood-red trim. after almost convincing my parents i bought two sample cards from the local building store, put them together and instantly changed my mind!

posters of your Fav bands, movies, books, etc would fill empty space, because once the other beds, bookcases ETC from your roommate have been taken out, the walls look empty.....another problem i'm still solving

after all, you can still change furniture around for years and years to come (same with posters) but try to find a pint color you (and your parents) can live with until you leave

check instructables :) theres plenty of good ideas on this site, even look at the bar beside this question

good luck

just go crazy n maybe u will like it or get your favorite color

Have a look around the site for nomad furniture.


6 years ago

Yard sales or garage sales. If its gently used you could get some pretty good deals and people are always willing to discuss price so appealing to them by pleading your case will probably work. Remember, they really don't want to have to haul the stuff back in the house. I know some people who have just taken everything that didn't sell and sent it to the landfill.

Congrats! Decorating a new room can be fun, and doesn't have to be really expensive. Paint is probably your best choice for creating a room you'll be happy with, at a minimal cost. The colors you choose should be towards hues that make you happy or relaxed (since you'll be sleeping there), and can also reflect things you like, such as a sports team. Lets say you like a specific football team, then using their team colors as a decor choice can make for a fun room. Then accessorize with "theme related", and color coordinating items.

New furniture (like a bed, desk or dresser) can be created from thrift store, or garage sale finds with just a little repair or paint. (Just sand surfaces first, then prime and paint). Same goes for accessories like lamps, chairs, picture frames, storage boxes and anything else you may need.

Coordinate your overall look with a slipcover (duvet cover) for your blanket, and add curtains and pillows to tie in the whole look.

Google is your friend in searching for specific ideas and themes. You can also visit a paint or home improvement store (in their paint departments), as they try and show you what can be achieved with paint.

Let me know if you have any questions. ;)