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Roomba and Central Vac Answered

I really don't like cleaning my house but I don't want to live in a garbage house.  I'd like to have a floor cleaning system.  For carpeted areas, I envision the that the system would use a Roomba and dock to a central vac system so that I wouldn't have to empty the Roomba.  For the non-carpeted areas, I'd like to use a Scooba that connects to water and sewer. 

What are your thoughts?



6 years ago

That was pretty good. It definitely reinforces the need for using a little foresight in home automation stuff.

I think that the best way to approach my project would be to first get an understanding of how the Roomba or similar autonomous vacuums work with a focus on the need for human interaction. If it is determined that dumping the waste into the central vac is the only problem, I would then need to figure out how to mate the Roomba and the central vac, turn on the cental vac and turn off the central vac. In normal operation, I know that a central vac is turned on when a hose is inserted into the vacuum hole. The part inserted into the hole is metal and the circuit is completed. I'm uncertain if this would be the best way to do things for my endeavor.

I don't know if I am going to undertake this project but I think that it is worth a bit more research.

off hand I think a rapberrypi zero with a single relay to open (turn off) close (turn on) the circuit to operate the central vac would be the easiest.. Just off hand someone could use a window alarm sensor to read when the raspberry pi (vacuum) is docked and then signal the relay to close for x seconds then open to turn off the vacuum. That would clear the small bowl these things come with.

Now the issue about the physical CV door. There are a few ways of doing this ... one would be a physical mechanism that when the robot docked, it slipped a wedge opening up the flap. The second would be to add a trap door type seal that say slid up to open. This would be part of the raspberry pi set up where a small motor was also triggered to operate just before the relay turned on the CV then shut the flap right after the CV is shut down.

Both of these of course would call for a custom extention that would Mary the CV tube to the robot dust tray.

I'd love to be part of a team that worked on this .... If I had a vacuum to test with :). I do have a 3D printer that I could use to make the CV extension.

I have heard of roombas being hacked so you can program the path or hook up sensors to make it home back into a docking unit. From there it is getting the systems in place to have it clean out the collection bin with the central vac. Sounds like something for an arduino.

HI kitman,

I think connecting iRobot Vaccume and Central Vaccume is a great idea. I wanted to see your youtube clip but they have removed it. Can you please send a link again

I think you may have the wrong person - I have never built this project.

Could you give me a link to the video you think is removed?

Wow my thoughts exactly. I have a roomba and central vac as well. And you're right Sundet, it's just a matter of closing the circuit (drawing power) to turn on the vac. The Roomba waste container would have to modifed to have a small portion of vacuum hose, and a circuit to draw the power and then turn back off in a few moments. If you face vacuum hose foward, you can put the doc under the central vac port and hopefully couple both simutaneously. Problem is you have to open the central vac flap first. Its closed by default so other ports in the house work...