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Router help Answered

well a yesterday I was browsing the Internet as usual then i click on a link and it says "address not found" now i find this strange. i look at my internet connection which is wireless. it says my signal strength is excellent. so i go take a look at the modem all the lights are on OK everything good. but for some strange reason i can't connect to the internet. i disconnect the Ethernet cord from the router and i connect it to my laptop. and now i can browse the internet. strange but i don't understand what has happened.
i have a
linksys wrt54gs v7 router (with this firmware DD-WRT v24 RC-5 (11/22/07) micro)
i know its the router because i connect directly and the internet works. if i connect to a port on the back of the router it says i am connected but it still doesn't work.
i changed the firmware after i couldn't connect


thank you all for your help and advice i have fixed my problems here are the steps i took for those of u that may have a similar problem.
1. connect the modem's ethernet port to the internet port of your WRT54G router
2. connect the pc to the regular port 1 2 3 or 4 on the back of your router
3. turn off the modem, hold the routers reset button for 30 seconds then release it
4. restart the computer
5. access the routers setup page by opening internet explorer, then type -
6. once youre prompted with a login, leave username blank password "admin"
7. go to MAC ADDRESS CLONE tab, enable this option, click CLONE YOUR PC'S MAC, then save settings
8. go back to setup tab, make sure internet connection type is set to - Automatic Configuration - DHCP
9. change the part where it says LAN IP address to
10.power off the router, then the computer for 1 minute
11. power on the modem first, then the router, lastly the computer (make sure you have the lights stable on the device before turning ON the next one...
12. try to get online after that

should be? *user admin, password blank *, otherwise internal network may be confused Glad we could help, now where do we send the bill to?

> *user admin, password blank . Nope. On some (all?) Linksys routers, the name is blank and the pw is admin. I thought it was kinda weird. . > * . I think you're right on that one, but he lost me at "go to MAC ADDRESS CLONE tab ... click CLONE YOUR PC'S MAC". I've never had to do that.

It's been so long since I had to go into my Linksys router, I would have fumbled around a couple of times before getting in, I think I changed the admin acct user/password also. Most ISPs, maybe in large urban areas in the early days of DSL and cable locked down the MAC address to prevent physical mooching of the network. You pay for one IP, you are only allowed one computer. Then smart people figured out internet sharing and then plugging in a router. I think my DSL provider let's you reset the MAC counter on their web page so that regular tech support is not bothered when you plug in something new.

DSL or cable modem service? With DSL you have to configure your router manually to input the IP address, subnet mask, and DNS to connect to the internet With cable, it will usually pick up that info automatically. For any service, you need to configure the wireless portion and security if any. Also, you need to configure DHCP if you want the router to hand out ip addresses for your local network. You may need to reconfigure the wireless connection on your laptop to connect successfully with any enabled security and to the correct network if there are more than one wireless networks in your area. Hopefully the firmware upgrade was a success, otherwise you might want to apply the upgrade again or revert back to an ealier version. Good luck.

i have a cable modem, and why would it stop working out of nowhere.

You did an upgrade to the firmware. If you got some kind of message saying the firmware upgrade completed and you had to reboot the router, we'll assume it went ok. So now it lost some of it's settings. 1. Don't panic. 2. Worse comes to worse, you may have to call up your cable provider. They sense when you attach something different to your cable modem. Some services lock the internet down by capturing the MAC address specific to the first piece of equipment that was powered up on the network, your router. You then attached your laptop directly to it. It may now only recognize your laptop as being valid on the internet. They do this so you don't start messing with a whole bunch of stuff on "their" network. If you plug the router back in, you may only have one chance to switch MAC addresses that have been registered. Your laptop connected directly may still work. You will have to call up your cable company to unlock the MAC so you can plug the router back into the modem. Once you are able to do that, then you can still configure the DHCP and wireless. But getting back into the router means hardcoding an IP when you connect directly to your router. I hope you can do that on your own.

Yeah, I can't connect without using my old computer's MAC address. Most router's will let you just copy the address over to be used on the WAN though.

Somewhere on the router config he should be able to clone the mac
on the laptop at a command prompt
type ipconfig /all
the physical address in HEX is the MAC address
copy this to the router to use instead of its own MAC address

I'm going to bed. Thanks for letting me know about the DSL thing. I had no idea you had to manually set all that up. chrischavez, good luck on getting it fixed.

I was not aware of that with DSL... I have never used it. Just configured cable and T1 lines. The T1 was a pain. The little box I had to configure it with didn't have instructions... I would have imagined that it had reset the stuff when the firmware was upgraded, but it may not have.

Yeah, DSL providers sometimes will preconfigure the modem for you but I had purchased my modem way back when and I had to do the WAN-side setup to avoid a setup charge. That is why you always write down your settings.

First thing, see if you can access your router. I'm taking a guess that you can because you said you upgraded the firmware. Now, check to see if the router is getting an IP address from your ISP. If so, can you ping any sites straight from the router?

sorry to ask but how may i check if the router is getting an ip from my isp. and to ping i would use command prompt right

I have a different firmware than you do. If I go to, then there is a place on the main page under "WAN" There is says my IP address. Mine is a 71.75.xx.xx It will be somewhere under one of the menus. Probably under an overview. To ping, there should be an option somewhere in your router's menu that will allow you to ping directly from the router. Mine is under the Tools menu.

my wan is also im connected directly to my modem while im connected wireless to the router. if i connect the ethernet cable to the router i cant browse the internet

Sorry, my dad needed to check something. You're not getting an IP from your ISP. First thing, try resetting your router. If you're still not getting an IP address, try calling your provider up.

Yeah, but the router would probably not let of the pings out since he cannot get to the internet.