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Rs232->Usb Answered

Is there anyway to convert rs232 to usb, even to db25 without the need for fancy chips?

I can spare a 2313 if i have to, or even an atmega8 for the cause, but I NEED a way to convert the USB signal to RS232 levels. (To program other avrs via usb =D)


If you want to program AVRs with USB, why do you need RS232?
You can build a USBasp programmer with a ATMEGA8, it also has USB to serial functionality.
All schematics and board design files here

But that requires a 12mhz crystal, something I dont have.

So if i get Usb=>Rs232 then I can just make a rs232 programmer.

Yep, the only solutions to programm via USB require another microcontroller that has to be programmed, too ;)

I can program a uC with my other PC, it has a parallel port, but I cant always get it to work (Ive shorted it a couple of times) So If i get a usb one to work, then I can use my main PC to program. If anyone wants to ship me an old cellphone data cable, thatd be great....

tough luck, the only other way is to buy something like schorhr suggested.