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Rubber Band Gun Made out of Cardboard? Answered

Would anyone know how to make a rubber band gun like the one made by Vat19 here?:


I imagine making it would be fairly easy, but finding what pieces to cut out would be a challenge.
The pieces probably would probably made out of thick cardboard preferably. (because cardboard is easy to get)


It seems like the original is done in lasercut thin plywood. You could try with bristol board which is heavy illustration board cut with an xacto knife. Laminated together, it would be sturdy enough to hold the lighter gauge rubber bands. You might be able to reverse engineer the mechanism and design by mocking it up from relative dimensions taken from the images. Good luck.

You'd have to find a way to harden up the cardboard methinks. Maybe some sort of glue or paint perhaps? I mean, if you can make a Business Card Catapult (https://www.instructables.com/id/Cardapult-the-Business-Card-Catapult/) then this should be doable.

Not easy with just cardboard. Especially trying to copy that design. I'd say start with a simple gun design and work your way up from there.