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Rube Goldberg TV Show Casting Call Answered

This sounds like fun:
A new Discovery Channel show is looking for teams of ARTISTS, SCIENTISTS, ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS and DESIGNERS with experience in building RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINES. (Thanks to BoingBoing for the link!)

More details:
This show shoots in January in Los Angeles so the application process will be moving quickly.

Super Rubes is a weekly one-hour show that follows a band of talented creators as they design, build, and set off a massive Chain Reaction Machine in front of a cheering crowd. The point of a Chain Reaction Machine is to do something very simple, like turn on a light bulb, using as many steps as possible. This is an opportunity for engineers to let their creative hair down and have some fun building a giant Chain Reaction Machine. Our team will take on impossible challenges (i.e. , Can you crack an egg with a human hair?) in a race against the clock.

We are looking for fun, interesting, charismatic and outgoing individuals of all ethnicities and types 25-39 years old to comprise a diverse team of people who are involved in engineering/building: This means architects, engineers, scientists, pyro-technicians, art directors/designers, even professors or hobbyists who are simply passionate about these topics. We don't need an expert in every area, just someone who loves to design and build.

The team should be a mix of a skills, a mix of personality types, and have a playful, funny camaraderie, so if there are existing teams out there, all the better, or if couples/triples have worked together and want to present themselves as the start of a team, we are open to that too.


Sigh..... why is age always a problem? v_v Anyhow, I'm excited for the series!

The mythbusters could be featured sometime...one show was dedicated to making a rube goldberg machine. The producers of that one car commercial, too.

Los Angeles *sigh* It might as well be on the moon; but it does sound like it would be an awful lot of fun *sigh*

Rube goldberg machines are awesome (and so are the drawings)! not 25-39 yrs old :(