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Ruben's Tube - Garden Installation Answered

Hi, i've been looking over Ruben's tube lately with great interest figuring it would be a perfect inclusion for my media center and was thinking it would be great for BBQs outdoors as a semi-permanent installation.. Here's what i'm thinking, a Ruben's Tube, mounted on a stone wall with a pyrex guard around the naked flame to reduce the effect of wind on the flames and to improve safety, with a metal housing surrounding the pipe. Would this be feasible? Safe? How long could i theoretically run this for at a time without it over-heating? Anything i need to consider before beginning the project? Thanks.


That sounds perfectly feasible.

In fact, may I suggest a further step?

Instead of putting the tube on the wall, put it in the wall, embedding it in the top layers of masonry.

Or put a planting trough on top of the wall, put the tube in the trough and fill in compost around the tube. Add a few bedding plants to disguise the tube, then light it with a flourish when your guests are all around.

You'd have the only musical flower bed with a flaming graphic equaliser in the neighbourhood.

I love the idea. Knowing a little about Ruben's Tubes and a little more about gas fireplaces, I sense no overheaing issues. As for safety, I find that charcoal and wood fires like to escape more than gas fires do. If you haven't lit your yard on fire yet, I doubt things'll go up in flames from the Ruben's Tube. One concern: You are putting up a pyrex guard to keep the wind off the flame (and unwanted appendages out of it). The spent gases will be going up. Where will the fresh air be coming from?