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Rubens tube help! Answered

Hey everybody, Ok so me and my friend built a rubens tube for our science project and fired ot up today. It was awesome! But, we have one problem. the flames keep getting blown out or are dying and we dont know why. Our tube is about 4 or 5 feet long and has holes every half inch (1/16th drill bit). we used latex sheets on both ends. the propane is a camping tank (small) and feeds the rubens tube through 2x 1/4 inch feeds spaced evenly apart. It may just be that we need to let the tube pressurize more. Our tube is 4 inches in diameter and is about 5 feet long. We let it pressurize for about 5 minutes. I think maybe somewhere along the lines of 7 minutes might do the trick, because when we went to light it, the initial flame height was very short. Has anyone else used the same setup we have?


How big are the holes the flames come from? When the flames go out, do they shrink and die, or leap up and die? If it's the former, turn up the gas-flow. If it's the latter, turn it down (maybe widen the holes).

Try a full sized (bbq sized) propane tank or 2or more smaller cans.

I think you need to give it more fuel.