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Ruby amp 9v DIY guitar amp Answered

The Ruby amp (by Runoffgroove.com) is quite simply the best 9v guitar amp on the planet. Ruby has many shades of sparkly clean all the way up to a great, natural overdrive. Because of its small size and low power consumption its perfect for building your own cigar box amp or mounting into a guitar pedal enclosure.

If you have never done a diy electronics project then this is a great way to get started.  The kit comes all the parts you need  - pcb, resistors, caps, jacks, led, 9v battery snap and instruction sheet. Also I have added a couple of parts that you never seem to get included in commercial kits - a toggle switch and a dc jack (so you can run off a wallwart).

Its fun, educational and at the end of the buid you have a real great sounding amp that can be used for busking, practicing in the park or for homerecording with a microphone. There are plenty of small output LM386 kits out there - only the Ruby is a real guitar amp as it has a jfet input buffer and a real gain control - oh and thers mods that can be done :)

check it out at www.rubyamp.com - heaps of videos and sound samples



Got a bunch of PCbs fresh in stock on sale for $11.50, plus another 2 watt amp kit based on the TBA 820 chip. Also ave a supply of 1590 Hammond boxes at a great prices

Hi, You just need the standard tools for any electronics project that you plan on tackling. You would definitely need the following tools...

must haves
1. A well lit area and flat surface - eg. kitchen table
2. Soldering Iron
3. 24 AWG wire (preferably buy a muti-color pack from an electronics supply store)
4. Wire stripper - http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3932543 (this looks pretty good)

optional extra
1. magnifing lamp or magnifying glass (depending on how good your eyes are)
2. Digital Multimeter (to quickly and easily identify your resistors)

Also as this is a guitar amp you need to get a speaker (guitar speaker is best) and you need to decide what type of enclosure you want to install the amp into. Lots of people build these into Cigar boxes, or old broken amp units. I prefer to put it into a hammond box and run it through a 4 x 10" guitar cab - sounds its best to my ears. it can easily drive a cab like ths and sounds its loudest. No need to worry about ohmages etc

hope this helps

Gr8 ..Im new @ this what happens if i get stuck..What tools will i need ? Cheers !