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Run mac programs in windows? Answered

I want to run future basic from my home to work on school work but i have a pc. Is there any easy emulators or ways so I can run future basic on my windows 7?


Emulators are a bit bad because you can't enjoy Mac's universe and Windows unvierse in the same time. There is another way to run Mac apps on Windows. An app named WineHQ permets to run a Windows app on Mac and a Mac app on Linux, a Linux app on Mac, a Mac app on Windows, etc...

Google it and you will find what you want.


You could try an emulator (which may or may not be legal), or you could try remote access to your Mac... I use logmein which can run on both PC and Mac. (And it's free)

The advantage of using remote desktop over an emulator is that you don't have to transfer files back and forth, and it is quite legal.  Disadvantage is you will not get as good of graphics, and it will be slightly slower depending on your internet speed both at your host and at your client.

I might just have to try it..
Can I get windows on mac with it? ;)

Not really sure what you're asking... If you're referring to logmein, it supports both Windows and Mac... But it's remote desktop, not an emulator. I don't really use emulators too much... I dual boot quite a bit, but I don't do hacintosh or anything like that. I used to work for the US government, so I could have gotten into some pretty big trouble if I did anything illegal like that.

Yeah, thats what I wanted to know (about logmein)
I use VirtualBox on my mac now for web testing in IE, and running a couple games, but not much more than that (plus, my 2gb of RAM cant handle much more)
I was once planning on going hackintosh on a PC, but never got around o it due to compter incompatibility/legality. Not like we didn't pay for the software, but it's just EULA's and stuff you will break. Didn't want to accidentally crash my PC either. I have a habit of breaking every PC program as I use it. Ive had to restore my itunes library now twice, just moving music around...

May I ask what you did for US gov? I mean, of course if you want to speak about it. All fine if its better not said. But some of the government tech stuff is pretty cool :)
Also, this has been bugging me for a while (just one of my quirks), but how do you pronounce your screen name? "The geek" or "the geek-eh? (geeky)"

Anyways- thanks for the info. Cheers!

I did data recovery for the gov... can't really say more than that. I would pronounce it geeky. :)




Hackintosh etc...

There are a number of MAC emulators out there Google is your friend