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Running 12 volt off 240 volt Answered

Any one have any ideas how i can (as cheaply and easily as possible) run a winch made to be ran off a 12 volt ATV battery off Australian mains(240 volts)?
(this winch to be precise)




What is the current rating(Amps) or power rating(Watts) of the winch?

the only info it came with is the same as the stuff on the ebay page...

'Motor: Performance magnet, 0.7kW / 0.9hp(12V)'

and it looks like the current is variable with a max of 90amps
any help?



0.7kW = 700 Watts. At 12v that would be 58 1/3 Amps. This means you would need a power supply that could produce at least 60 Amps. You could do that with an old TV Transformer (scrapped from a very old B/W TV), some large (700W) rectifiers and 12v electrolytic capacitors for filtering. This supply would pull 3 Amps from the 220v source, so I'd put a 4 Amp fuse on the primary.