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Running 18.5v laptop on 12v battery ? Answered

​How about 12v battery Plus + 6v battery and connect them so they make 18v current , I'm not really good in electricity and I want to ask about the amperage , what if my battery is 60AH  can I use transformer to step up the voltage to 18 V or 14 V


As far as amperage the laptop will only draw what it needs.

If you connect a 12 volt and a 6 volt in series it will give you 18 volts and it should run your laptop.

If both the batteries are 60 amp hours and your laptop is like mine 3 amps it should run your laptop for about 15 hours well. But you should never drain your batteries completely, so you should shut down and recharge the batteries by that time.

if you use a 12 volt converter and a 12 volt battery 60 amp hour your laptop will not run as long as the two batteries making 18 volts.

Thank you very much for your comment ,what if I couldn't find 60amp 6v battery can I use 10 amp 6v battery and connect it with 60amp 12v battery

Yes you can use them together to make 18 volts you will get less than 60 amp hours at 18 volts with the 6 volt being 10 amp hours.

Not without an "inverter" you can't. Only AC can be used with a transformer.

You can buy car adapters for basically every laptop model on the market.
Do yourself and your laptop a favour and use them ;)