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Russian DIY Car-to-Tank Conversion Kit Answered

Use this handy dandy conversion kit and you can add some tank treads to your car! Holy smokes, this is gonna be the best thing ever for dominating the highway. The mileage will take a little bit of a hit, or a lot, but it must be worth it, right?



What differential technology is being used. most tracked units in military use triple diff's
Regular diff can be used but steering can be problematic as hell..

Id love to know some thing about the tec side of this project. Was the axle taken from another production model,

might a torsen diff work better than a limited slip diff??

All very fascinating

regards john

I would then vote that such "cars" would be charged ALL the expense of repairing any roads they traveled on ;-)  unless they were kept off road only. 

I would love to hear/see a copy of that script translated,  I thought I heard problema(?) at least 3 times 

I'll ask my Ukrainian friend on the weekend for you... just remind me or I might forget.

Ukrainian friend to the rescue!
I can say one thing for sure
there was no problem in anything
its pretty cool
translation slightly later, please pester me for it, because...well, assignment due tomorrow and ah...yeah, work>.<

Like that made sense. Lol k; pester pester pester pester pester.
Phew, that should do for 5 minutes!

By the way, there's an April Fools' Contest on at the moment, you interested?

Well if he gets online tonight....
*frustrated face*

Well, I am SOOOORRRR-eee; I have a good memory, most times, but somethings just get crowded out, because of way too MUCH input, you know?  ;-) 

No no, frustrated face at him. I saw him but couldn't get online at the time. What is it now, 5 days? I'm lacking behind on my promises.

You might even be lagging behind  (sorry, couldn't resist ;-) 

It was 4 days when I said 5 days... (Who's lagging now?)

*chuckle*  I see you missed that.....in the post above your last one you said you might be LACKING behind,  and I just subtly corrected that with LAGGING behind......lack means you don't "have" something (I lack food) ...just teasing a bit .

Allritey, I listened to that clip over and over and I didn't catch any "prolems" but then, I'm not Russian. The "vehicular add-on" is not intended for road use, but for the dwellers of the "hard-reachable areas" as thay put it. The reporters also claims that most of these people already have SOME kind of a car, but there are moments when those ar not usable. "Now they just need to drive up to the platform. The two Nives we see spinning the tracks are probably modified past simple wheel amputation. They probably have both axles removed to let them sit lower in the platform. Anyway: this is really neat, if you live in tundra ;-)

Could have just been what I "wanted" to hear too *shrug*  ;-)

great this is reminding me of something new that'll happen in the future... - - - - green technological society...


8 years ago

All we need is a 120mm tank gun and we'd have a real tank... well add a little armor and a bigger engine and  a turret and,  heck I'll just buy a tank surplus.

that must be alot of fun to drive

i didn't understood anything, but as i guess, the transmission rod, is connected to the chains' diff to make it run, that's right?

i drove an M60A3 tank when i was in the army in the eighties. those aren't tank tracks, they are sno cat tracks. they are like big snowmobile tracks. still pretty cool. i remember there used to be a monster truck that was mounted on a M114 APC chassis.

this would be extremly convienent for surviving the zompocylelypes (not sure on spelling)  i need to get one or two or maybe ten :p this would also be great for a few of the military viechle designs i have. lol

We don't see the 4x4 at the start running as a tank, and the "tanks" we see actually running don't have wheels (and don't seem to have space for wheels, either).

Colour me suspicious, but this strikes me as a bit more than "easy" or "strap on" as some of the links refer to it.

I think you'd have to prepare this before the snow, and leave it on until the thaw.

From the looks of it, you remove your wheels to attach to the base and then run a drive shaft from the gearbox to the diff mounted on the base, then I think they use brakes on either wheel to steer by slowing the treads on that side, not sure how this is controlled tho, also not sure how they managed the spin that looked like one track forwards one track back but I am sure someone will figure it out

On a second look the tracks are both going forwards all the time and it looks like the steering box must be conected to master brake cylinders so when you turn the wheel right it activates the right brake, a pretty clever way of getting around it.  Now to find a car, some light tracks and the ability to wield!

I think I saw a quick glimpse of 2 cylinders which I would suspect are componants of the steering system.

i want one of these i wonder how people would react to this....

All we need now is a russian DIY how to put a tank gun on your car and we're good to go. Urban warfare indeed!

 Does the conversion kit come with the fur hat? yes.. I'll take two then!

"In America you drive car, in Soviet Russia, CAR DRIVE YOU!"

The goof ball fun factor on this is a 10-for-10!  If it works in sand I'm taking one to the desert!

"Oh those Russians"

(As far as I'm aware the guy was miming because Frank Farian wouldn't let him sing)