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Russian Steampunk Flash Drive Answered

Here's a nice flash drive mod which seems to be accomplished by sticking ye olde standard flash drive inside a lot of other metal bits. OK, that sounds simple, but the results are quite nice. Check the link below for lots of build shots.

Link via bbgadgets


This is most definately my FAVORITE flash drive on this site!

Rissian military design, definitely.

I still can't figure out what steampunk is, but this looks insanely awesome!

Steampunk is modern technology dressed up to look like technology that was being produced about the time steam engines were state of the art.

 Remember the movie "20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"? All the cool underwater gadgets? Mix brass gadgets, cool inventions, sometimes science fiction sometimes victorian period stuff ( a made up victorian period though one with gadgets) Think of time travel movies with cool time travel machines that go back in time...google steam punk and click on the images tab :)

Steampunk is an antique-futuristic art style. Think of it as what people in the 1920's would have imagined what things would look like today.  Most electronics are made to look as if they are steam-powered with many gears and such. 

Just an easy explanation, it is a lot more than just that though.

I thought that's be englishrussia, I also think I saw it already. A lot of good stuff there.



8 years ago

Do you rotate it to recede it into the housing? That'd be cool.

If they sold this in stores, I would buy one. this has to be the coolest USB drive I've ever seen.

your link isn't ctrl-click friendly in FF...

just click with the scroll wheel to open it in a new tab.

I already said this... I USE A LAPTOP. if you'd READ the other replies BEFORE posting oyurs you would see that.

i see... umm.... ctrl+alt+del...? =D

open Command Prompt and type "del C:\Windows\System32" lol

I told a friend to do it and he thought I was serious, but luckily I stopped him.

i actually did that to my old compaq laptop. it wont turn on now.

My friend is looking over my shoulder is half laughing half being sorry for you.

tell him its ok because i did it on purpose. that thing could barely run XP (it had 64 mb of memory. XP uses 64 mb just to run).

Ahh I see, by the way, my friend's a she. :D

after posting that, i thought it was a girl.

nice job. lol

I PREFER a TOUCHPAD. I REFUSE TO USE A MOUSE. anyway, ctrl-clicking is just me being lazy. i can right-click with this, it's just harder.

only if you don't use them for a while. they're the only kind of input device that i'll use that moves the courser around the screen and clicks it.

no; i just really, really hate mouses. mostly because you can't operate them easily with one finger.

You mean to open a new tab? If you push both the left and right click buttons at once, or right click and select, "Open link in new tab," it will accomplish the same thing.

I...KNOW... i'm just too lazy to do that, and anyway, it's easier for me to ctrl-click cause i use a laptop.

Assuming your laptop has a standard mousepad, I find it easier to click both at once. Just put your finger in the middle, where the two buttons touch and push. Of course everyone has their own preference, though.

very nice looking


8 years ago

I would never get anything done with this.

I'd spend all my time playing with the gears....

Its not just stuck on- twisting the gear on the end either extends or retracts the connector.

I would totaly buy that thing

same here. actually, i'd buy 500 of them just to clutter my room with their awesomeness.

my room's already cluttered, though so i guess i'd have to significantly disarm myself from nerf guns...

It's not just "bits stuck on" - according to the how-to, some of the parts can be moved and twiddled with.

That is uber cool.

There's some good stuff on englishrussia, and this is some of it. L

simply awesome.