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Rusty Bike Chain Answered

Hey guys, my bike chain has gotten rusted from being outside, to the point where I really can't ride it. Should I buy a new chain or can I take apart the chain and the gears it rests on and clean them with something? If I should buy a new chain completely, how much will that cost and where can I get one? If I should clean up the individual parts, can someone make an instructable on it or just provide basic instructions for the do's and dont's? Thanks in advance, -Rob.


Get 2 litre of coke. Put an ounce of citrus degreaser up in there. Pop the chain in. Let it sit. Bada Bing Bada Boom, Spankin clean chain. Ooh did I mention that that TOTALLY DESTROYS RUST!

remove the bike chain with a chain breaker then soak in paint stripper and rub the rust off with a wire brush then wash under water to remove all the spirits then soak in light oil for a day or so and put it back on the bike and re lube evry month and cover the nike up with a bike cover when outside for a chain breaker nget the cheapest one from ebay

. Soak the chain in light oil for a few days. Nowhere near as good as a new chain, but it will get you back on the road. If it's rusted real bad, soaking in mineral spirits first may help. . You _can_ disassemble the chain, but it requires a special tool and you would probably need to break every link - very time consuming. A new chain would probably be a better choice. . Clean the gears with a wire brush and add grease. . All in all, if you plan to do much riding, a new chain is the way to go. Not sure how much they cost nowadays, but you should be able to find them anywhere that sells bikes. . While you're at it, inspect and lube the rest of the bike, especially the cables.

Nachomahma has the answer, if you do only need the bike for light riding then cleaning the chain up isn't that bad. Going over it with a powerful penetrating oil and a wire brush, followed by a soak in oil for a few days then good lubrication will leave it ridable though...