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SD card directly to SSD, is this possible? Answered

I'm shooting real high bitrates with my dslr and will like to use my SD card as a connector to my SSD.  How do I do this.

A SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 95MB/s, which is the only card that can handle my high bitrates is 152.00.  Not only that, as far as work flow, the SSD would make it a lot easier.



Look into Eye-Fi SD cards. I doubt they can handle that bit rate but it may be worth it to turn it down a little, not sure if the bit rate is just a preference or actually important to the pics you're taking.

If you manage to get the connection to work the camera would only be able to use 64Gb of the SSD and won't see the rest of the drive. It might be possible to do but you won't be able to just run wires from the SATA connector on the drive to the pads on the card. There will need to be some translation taking place possibly requiring a small computer to be added to the mix. This kind of project will take a good bit of electronics and programming knowledge.


Unless you can find an SSD using the SD spi interface it's not going to happen, and there is no chipset I'm aware of that would do this translation

*My understanding is you want to use an SSD like a Red Scarlett does, but your camera only shoots SD.

An alternate (if not most ideal) would be to get an sd>>hdd backup drive/device that allows you to hot swap your sd card and quickly dump/erase the sd cards.

I guess this is more difficult than I thought.