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SD card drive won't hold my SD card in my camera. Any suggestions/help? Answered

I have an (almost) brand new camera and one day when I put my SD card into it and it wouldn't stay in. Here's what's going on:
1. I take my SD card
2. I put it in the slot
3. I push it in and it pops out again. It's supposed to make a click and stay in until I push it again.

I can still use the camera, but the SD card springs out whenever I open the hatch that it's stored in. If it is unfixable, I can (hopefully) still exchange it for another one or, if it is fixable, I can take it to my local camera shop. Is there a DIY option to fix this that isn't too advanced? 

Some info:
   It is a canon sx520hs
   It is less than a year old
   I think it is a problem with the mechanism that makes it lock in.

Thanks in advance!



2 years ago

Hard to conceive the short time drying, as it gets cooler in CA, would have an affect on an SD latch. Winter cooling dries the atmosphere.

Summer moisture may again restart the problem.


2 years ago

As it turned out, it fixed itself! I left the card in the slot for a few days and when I took the card out, I pushed it in to see if it worked and it did! If someone wants to put this in an answer, I'll choose it as best answer :)

First make sure the SDcard its self is not locked it will be a very small tab on the edge of the SDcard forward is unlocked on most and it will only let you read. In some cameras it will stop you from loading the card into the camera if the card is locked.

Happen to me, I have the Canon 720 and it will do that.

After making sure the SDcard is not locked make sure you are installing it right. Trying to install it wrong can make the SDcard lock unintentionally as the locking mechanism in the camera will push the SDcard lock into the locked position.

Last make sure you push it all the way in and let go without hesitation, if you hesitate the locking mechanism can miss.

Thanks. I have tried pushing the card in as far as it goes and it springs out again. I am sure the card isn't locked though, so I know that isn't the problem. Thanks for your answer. :)

You see a little round notch on the right side of a SD -that is to hold it in the reader.
With no power / batteries you insert a thin pin in the groove of the reader and slowly move it downwards - if you don't feel a sprigy thing at the depth where the notch would be it means the reader is stuffed.
It might also help to try a different SD to make sure yours is not causing the problem.

Tape it down

(That's my best advise)

Thanks. I don't know if that would be a long-term fix because I would want to take out the card to import photos to my computer. Anyway I think it would be better to fix it. Thanks for caring to answer, though! :)

There is a little latch that hold the card - it can break if the SD was forced in the wrong way.
Only real option would be to replace the SD slot but that can be a daunting task on a camera....

Can I take it to a camera shop and have it repared?

They will most probably not repair it themselves, but either tell you where to take it or send it there directly.

Or you may check Canon's web site for repair centres near you and send the camera there.