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SF Maker Faire 2009: Call for Makers Answered

The Call for Makers is open for the 2009 SF Bay Area Maker Faire! Entry deadline 3/31/09.

Details from the Maker Faire website:

We are now accepting entries for the Maker Faire Bay Area, May 30 and 31 at the San Mateo County Expo Center. This year's focus is Re-Make America, inspired by President Obama's call for all of us to participate in remaking America. We're looking to showcase "the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things."

Entry Open Date: Feb 2, 2009. Please enter early so we can hold space for your exhibit.
Entry Close Date: March 31, 2009. Space is limited, please submit your entry by the due date!
Notification of Acceptance: Entries submitted by March 12 will be notified by March 19.
Maker Faire Bay Area: May 30-31, 2009
Hours: Saturday 10am - 8pm (6pm - 8pm evening program); Sunday 10am - 6pm.
NOTE: This is NOT Memorial Day Weekend.

I've just submitted for Instructables, and if you're in the area you should consider showing off your projects as well!

Tickets will be available soon, and whether you're exhibiting or not we'd love to meet you in person. Be sure to stop by our booth and introduce yourself!


*still in the wrong state*

*Still in the wrong country*

No patience, eh? You're getting your Maker Faire before we do!

*Still on the wrong side of the planet*

*Still in the wrong side of the bay area*

Grrr... I want to go to one. Why can't it be in Jersey, we need excitement here.

I would go to it for sure if it was in NYC.

Oh, hating on jersey. I see. Haha. We need one on the east coast.

Depending on where you are speaking of in NJ, and where Bumpus is speaking of in NYC a compromise could be reached. I have personally been to Schooleys Mountain, for instance, and it isn't far from PA or from NYC.

Oh, I don't care where. I want it to be Here, Pa, Ny, or even Delaware. As long as it's in the northeast.

Mostly anywhere on the northeast coast is good for me.

*SIGH* Once I am 18 I will go to one....

I still have to find out if I will be able to do at least a Show n Tell in June or July when I have some vacation time, or not. My wife has already sent me a lot of discouraging signals on my plans. :-(

Well, in Aug or Sept. I had posted and asked what I needed to do to get one together....now spring is hurtling towards us, and I haven't had the time to look into the where, and the how. I mean, as far as details. It would be held in or near Lancaster city, PA or close by (Mountville, Columbia, Mount Joy, Neffsville, Conestoga, or maybe somewhere east of Lancaster, like Gap, Intercourse, or Blue Ball. I haven't a clue yet.

That would be cool. Please keep me informed!

I will try :-) maybe we need an East Coast Group so we can post items of this nature and find them easily :-)

I'll start a thread and post a link. =D

Ooff!! Be sure to let me know when the ~~real~~ Austin Maker swings round...

How is the Austin Maker Faire the real Maker's Faire when the first one was in SF

Austin and San Fran are pretty close to being equal in awesomeness, but once you factor in which state the city is in etc, the Austin Maker Faire is more awesome, and the good people at Make realize the need for awesomeness so the Austin Faire is more cool.

For the "wrong country" folks - you might like to come to one on the other side of the atlantic: The McMADSAT event - Scotland's first Make And Do, Show And Tell show for makers, modders, inventors and techies of every stripe, on 14th March 2009 in the Glasgow Science Centre. See http://mcmadsat.blogspot.com/ or contact me.
Still accepting entries especially from modders and inventors

I would go if I could convince my family to drive down there... But I'm sure they wouldn't want to -_-


9 years ago

I am definitely going, I hope to see you guys there.