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SF Maker Faire Entry Deadline Extended Answered

Did you forget to apply for a Maker booth at the 2008 SF Bay Area Maker Faire?

The deadline has been extended to March 19, 2008 so get your application in now!

Instructables will be there, as well as lots of your favorite artists, crafters, roboticists, techies, and performers. Join us!


Awww. Nothing ever comes to santa fe. Wish I were back in Minneapolis right now....

Well, that is still a little closer than I am LOL, but I understand. It probably is just as unreachable....

Yeah, I only get around by walking, and the bus. (I get my license on the 24th!, But I don't have/ can't afford a car)

Save up for a year to buy a car only to find you have to save up 2 more years to put gas in it *sigh*

Diesel! Screw gas- VW golf tdi gets 48mpg!!!! (costs ONLY $5000 used) *sigh*

Around here, you would need to save for 3 years then to fill the tank with diesel fuel, it is close to half again as much as gasoline; so around here, they get you coming and going. *sigh*

But for them it is cheaper to produce!!!! Maybe I'll go with biodiesel, or vegetable oil. IDK what I'll do. I probably would have gotten my mom's mazda 626, but its in Minnesota. *sigh*

All too often, prices are determined by demand. When it was cheap, and the Golfs first came out, the fuel was inexpensive, much more so than gas, but once demand went up, they determined they were not making a high enough profit margin and so the prices go up (I know, I know, that is oversimplification to the max, but still a factor).

I guess I'll make my own then! What is the danger of making your own fuel? If it's outside a few hundred feet away from the house should I worry? Does it ruin the car? Thanks

Depends on the "fuel" you are speaking of. I can't imagine someone refining crude oil into a usable fuel at home, and alcohol, although not overly difficult to make, requires a few processes that "can" be somewhat dangerous (many a person died when their "homemade still" blew up on them).

Biodiesel? It requires lye, methanol, and vegetable oil. Is it safe to do outdoors?

I am not familiar with the process, sorry. Lye is something to be very cautious with though

So I hear... What happens if it gets on you?

Sodium hydroxide is a caustic chemical which quickly dissolves complete proteins, and emulsifies oils and fat. Its pH is completely different from that of your body. The burning is caused when your pH and the lye attempt to equilibrate.

Just marginal contact with lye can cause pretty bad burns. They heal more slowly then other wounds do.
Woman and her dog burned.....

Ouch! I knew it was bad, but this is just terrible. What happens if you stick your hand in bio-diesel?

Hopefully it is no longer Alkaline or it might wreak havoc on some metal and rubber / plastic parts.

Ok, thanks for all the info. If it doesn't hurt the gaskets and hoses, than I sould be fine.

*sigh* forgetting was not involved, no.