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SHOCKING NEWS! How can I stop getting shocked from static electricity? Answered

So I recently bought a scooter whose brake works by pressing aluminum on the tire. Here it is: https://www.amazon.com/Razor-Pro-RDS-Dirt-Scooter/dp/B00D9JGY0O/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

And when I ride fast, press on the brake, and then touch something, it shocks the living dead out of me! How can I stop this?

I was thinking of covering the brake, where I press with my shoe with some type of ESD safe material. Could this work, cheaply?
An ESD safe mat, glove, electronic component bag? How can I isolate my shoe? I think this might not be the correct term...



I am not quite picturing where the charge is building up. You say you get a shock when you, "ride fast, press on the brake, and then touch something,"

What is the "something" you touch? Is it the metal frame of the bike? Or is the something, something else?

By the way, the what you call "ESD safe" materials, are electrically conductive, although often it is only slightly conductive, especially for ESD safe plastic bags.

I mean, if there is a charge building up between your body and the bike frame, one way to stop that from happening is to connect, like with a wire or similar conductive path, your body to the bike frame.

Yes, the frame of the scooter or a pole, person, or anything that hasn't been charged by the brake...

That's kind of what I was thinking. I thought of putting copper tape on the rubber handlebars and frame (so it's as if I'm touching the frame at all times), but then wouldn't that mean that I just also charge the scooter with the static electricity too? Or will the electricity "dissipate" (I'm missing the technical term) into the air faster because there is more surface area that allows me to conduct better with the air around me? (surface area of my body + surface area of aluminum scooter).

Because I also don't want to get shocked when touching someone or something that hasn't touched the scooter at all.

A copper wire wrapped around the handle bar, and connected to the metal frame of the the bike, will keep you and the bike frame at the same potential, so you won't get shocked by the touching the bike frame when you stop.

However if the bike and you together are somehow picking up charge from the road as you ride, then you will probably get still get shocked by the first thing, or person, you touch after stopping and getting off the bike.

I think Iceng maybe had the best, easiest, suggestion, and that was to intentionally discharge yourself through some piece of metal held in one hand, like a key, or coin, or paperclip. Or if you wear a metal ring on one of your fingers, you could discharge yourself my touching the ring to the place where you want to dump the charge.

The last thing I was going to write, is that I dislike this idea of dragging a chain on the ground. It seems too elaborate. Plus there is probably danger of the chain getting caught on things, or getting caught in the wheels, and wrecking your bike.

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I would suggest taking it to a bike shop and asking them what they think. It most likely will be free advice coming from experts in that field.


7 months ago

HOLD A KEY and discharge yourself by letting the key touch the ground..

The shock is a single nerve that is part of the point in your skin that all that built up static charge in your body dissipates through to equalize potential differences generated by friction..

The Key conductive metal collects the charge from a wide skin area and sparks from a metal point which does alleviate you from a painful skin discharge...

Some people use a thimble instead of the key..

See how the spark pump shoots holes in a paper card..

Yup, I've done that when we were in a hotel that had awful carpeting that would charge us ALL THE TIME. How do people tolerate these types of carpets!? Every time I touched the doorknob, ZAAAP!

That would not happen in this gaming state because they fine spray rugs with a 50% water and dish-soap solution.. It grounds ions and any loose leptons..

Hmmm... I think that was actually on a trip either to Nevada or New Mexico.

Burning Man is next year !

Correction .... cut Downy fabric softener 50% with water to ground Leptons !!

Do not use dish soap XXX

BTW the pain ZAAAP event is over before you move your tongue up to the roof of your mouth to start the 'Z' sound :-)

Don't know if this helps, but I know that some vehicles that transport flammable materials have a metal chain dragging on the ground behind them. This is to allow any charges to be dissipated to ground, as normally the tires insulate it from that. So, hook a metal chain to the part of your scooter that develops the charge and let it drag on the ground. If it doesn't work at least it will look cool.

That's interesting. I won't do that but I didn't know that could work. Just a chain that connects the brake to the concrete/brick sidewalks would do that? Because it isn't conductive...

Your tires are not conductive too.. Put two nails into the dirt and surprise !

There is a resistance between them..

Arrach a chain or conductive strip to the scooter so that it will touch the ground releasing the static charge.

Hmmm... I think that will just make so much noise...

Some options, starting with the best:
1. Get a proper disk brake instead of wrecking your tyre.
2. Add a grounding strip from your frame that is long enough to always reach the floor.
3. Replace the aluminium block with a wooden one (grain direction like the tyre not against the rolling direction and preferably hardwood).

I wanted to do that somehow but it's kind of impossible to add a disk brake to my scooter. I think. (I think this brake really is a design fail of this excellent scooter. It doesn't even work that well).

That gives me an idea. Static electricity goes/conducts through metal and plastic. How about if I cover the top of the brake (where I press with my shoe) with some type of plywood? Does plywood also conduct/let the static electricity pass? Maybe I should just connect the brake to the frame and to me with conductive copper tape, like I wrote above.

You have to prevent the electricity from building up, either with a grounding strap or by replacing the aluminium block with wood - covering it with wood won'T break the circle ;)

Thanks. Hmmm... That would be really difficult for me. I'll see what I can do.