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SHall watch avatar normal or avatar 3d? Answered

Hi i want to know if i should watch the normal avatar or the 3d version. I know 3d can often be dissapointing.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Watch the 3d version.

They haven't gone overboard on the 3d gimmick, very few long pointy things waving out of the screen etc, but it really enhances the action scenes and to the feeling of scale in the jungle scenes.

The boys and I went to see it yesterday - most enjoyable film we have seen in years, and the effects are, genuinely, the best I have ever seen.  You cannot see the join twixt real-life and CGI.

I agree with Kiteman, wholeheartedly.

Only the titles at the beginning were really obviously 3D. And in spite of being red/green (or more like magenta/teal), the view looked fine out of each eye.

And it was a really good movie! I'm so glad we saw it in 3D IMax!

Watching AVATAR in 3d may give you PTSD....

 See it in 3D! The normal version would still be amazing, I assume, but seeing it in such a unique medium just elevates Avatar to a completely different level of awesome. I usually get motion sickness or head aches (Cloverfield nearly KILLED me) But I wasn't bothered at all by the visual effects in this movie. Like Kiteman said, they don't go crazy, there's no "OHMYGAWSH, IT'S COMING OUT OF THE SCREEN AND ATTACKING YOU!" Gimmick, which is refreshing. It's absolutely the best movie I've seen in a long, long while, and the 3D elements are an interestingly large contributor to the end result.

The previews look amazing. Unfortunately, I have been boycotting James Cameron for years on principle, so I won't be seeing it until it comes on TV, and possibly not then. So, no 3-d for me.

They've spent that much money on the thing go for 3D. Apparently it looks good.


3D makes me dizzy after a while.  Does it affect you?

it's those stupid glasses. They futz with the skull-mounted optical processor. Anaglyph makes me kinda ill too.