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SIde loading K'nex shotgun Answered

First side loader on site! Pic is of top view. I'll post the whole instructable soon.



10 years ago

Umm... what's with this comment?


i don't know what you're referring to in terms of the comment - as of last time I checked out your sniper's instructable (about 5 minutes ago) the hopper wasn't on there. if you want us all to know that it has hopper and is semi auto, just post the dang hopper! I really want ot see what it looks like.

Mepain - this is your gun right? cause thats a pretty cool hopper. BTW, whos Andrea Bender??

bender os probely his last name. andrea is probely his moms name.

Duh, its my sniper lol. BTW None of your business. Not to be mean, but really...

just curious, cause that names comes up when you mouse over the pictures.

Do you now understand the concept of a semi-auto, side-loader, and a pump-action? If so, I shall now take my leave.

side loader and pump action yes, but I'm still a little confused about semi-auto due to the two contradicting definitions on this site. i think from now on, i won't include semi-auto in my decriptions anymore. thanx!

Semi automatic is when a gun fires when you pull back the trigger without having to pull back the firing pin each time.


10 years ago

*Ahem* Actually, this isn't the first side loader on the site, my sniper is a side loader as well.

not really - you insert the ammo into the side of your sniper, but it is a) a single shot (no hopper) b) manual load, and c) your sniper isn't a shotgun

I gotta agree with you there. He said side loader shotgun. not gun

Re-read the post. "First side loader on site!"

I dunno, Mepain. Your sniper is single shot, and you have to manually load it. It could have just as easily been a top or bottom loading gun. Due to sace issues, however, my gun can only be side loading. Plus, it is semi-auto, and your sniper is not.

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I think your sniper is great, but if you read down on this page, you would have seen flaming idiot dude's definition for semi auto, which my gun is and yours is not. I'm not trying to say you're wrong - your sniper DOES load from the side. still, if it was semi auto like this, it would be much more time efficient.

if it is semi auto, how is it pump action?

the pump, in this case, is directly attached to the ramrod. unlike Mepain's sniper (and correct me if I'm wrong about this ) the pump on this gun pushes the ramrod back, letting the ammo be pushed into position automatically. also, while pie DOES taste good, what does that have to do with anything. *Tonite I will be building a realistic double barrel shotgun with an actual breech, where the bullets will actually come apart as in a real shotgun (hopefully ;))*