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SIx month anniversary present suggestions Answered

I am in a long-distance relationship, and our six month anniversary is coming up. Does anyone have any gift suggestions? I am getting her a webcam, because she doesn't have one and we will be able to see each other. Also, I just recently sent her a bracelet (a souvenir from my vacation). So any other ideas that are preferably not jewelry and hopefully quite inexpensive are welcome.


I'm sorry, but exactly how old is this long distance date and how did you meet. If you met face to face, then were separated, it is okay. But if you met over the internet then you want to be cautious before sending anything. That person could be a thirteen year old girl.

WAITASECOND!! I just read that you are only fifteen. Really bad idea. It was myspace, wasn't it??

hell no, man. that is way beneath me. i've actually got some class and etiquette.

Ok, yes, you have. Then it is fine. Just making sure that you aren't sending things to some socially desperate pre-teen. Or some socially desperate cougar.

she's 16. we met on a month long summer program.

I have no idea Duct tape is silver, silence is gold, get on your knees and do as your told! (Sorry, couldn't help myself)

never heard it quite that way before. i know a song called "Silence is golden but Duct tape is silver."

You probably don't want to say this to her if you want to see her ever again.

oh, you actually wanted me to say that to her! haha. nah, i wouldn't do that. we've already decided that we wouldn't do that - we are both a bit skiived out by it.

If she lives far away it's not a good Idea, but in a bedroom situation....

Something cheap... flowers or a handwritten letter. :P Before Jason moved here to Louisville we sent a lot of letters, things like mix CDs and baked goods, too. And there's really no reason to fuss over little anniversaries, anyway. You'll soon forget completely about them!

i think that is the way to go. i'm probably just gonna get her the web-cam, some cds, and a letter. thanks for your advice. i like the new pic, by the way. the pink hair had been a little shocking.

A puppy!

she already has a really adorable yellow lab. and being that i'm only 15 and don't yet have myself a job, i don't have the cash to plunk down for a pooch.

great idea, but i'm not shipping my unit off to florida alone.

Why Not Flowers? Always a classic :)

My god man!!! thats quite enough...... its been 6 months....... she lives far away.... get her nothing....... or ask her real boyfriend what you should get her, you know....the one she sees everyday

ok, maybe that was a little harsh. but seriously dude...... you shouldn't have to spend money on her at this point....at least wait till a year, preferably wait till you guys are together regularly

you know, chaoscampbell, the original post topic said that I didn't want your comments, but it didn't go through, so I had to make a new one. i already knew what you were gonna say, so...

I'm just trying to save you some money, trouble and heart ache dude. I'm not against you or anything. I just know where your coming from..... and knowing what i know now and wishing someone woulda drilled it into my head when I was a kid......... I'm morally obligated to try my best and post these comments

i understand. but, we're happy, and nothing bad has happened, so i'm sticking with her

lol, thats what I wanted to say, but thought it was a bit mean, long distance relationships are pants though, my mate was in one(well he's banged up anyway)and his so-called girlfriend was....well, not...erm..coughslagcough. I guess it's alright if your like 14 or something, its sweet(blurrgh!).

Long distance relationships can work.

Kitewife and I spent most of a year apart when I first went to uni. This before common web access and mobile phones, so we wrote actual letters, two or three a week each way, and arranged phone dates, when she would call a phonebox near my Hall and we'd talk for ages, her sat on the stairs, me stood in a freezing Mancunian street.

(Then the next year, she went to uni just across the Pennines, a half-hour train-ride away ... w00t!)


10 years ago

A plane ticket?

well, i fly down to see her when i can. but we don't have off from school at the same times, so...

Set up a surprise at your end of the webcam - friends she doesn't see often, a small display of your affection (a card or banner). Or make a cake and send her half - arrange a day & time for her to open the package in front of her new webcam, whilst you open your half in front of yours. Eat the cake together, across the miles.