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SMP's Site just Launched!!! Answered

Stop Motion Pictures (SMP) site has just launched!! Everyone one should go visit! http://www.aaronvail.com
if you have any suggestions for a movie or for the site you can comment right from the feedback page!! AWESOME!! :)


Stop motion is cool, if you practice some more and get good stories it could be cool. Your camera technique is very good as it hardly shakes. Do you make photos, or do you film it? With filming I mean, you change something, remove your hand for a second, etc. And then later take screenshots from the video.

O I forgot to add - as a suggestion you can make an animation of the instructrables robot, maybe something that people can put at the end of their ibles videos, something like I made, but then one that can be used for everyone. And then on bottom somewhere your name as a credit

I'm going to make a non stop motion video and a stop motion video so people could choose what they like better!!

oh yeah that's a good idea thanks I do that

I use my camera and take pictures. I've never heard of filming it like that! thanks. I'm going to get a A/V to usb cable adapter so I can plug my camera into my laptop and use my stop motion software, so I would NOT have to even touch my camera.

V cool. Thanks

not to be confused with smpfilms

its one of those most subscribed channels on youtube