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SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

here in Illinois we have a snow day. district 300. what about you?



Yeah, when I was younger we would hope for a white Christmas, as it was always cold enough for it. But the last couple of years, we only pray that it doesn't rain too hard and become a sloppy mud-brown Christmas *sigh* However, we are supposed to get a bit of a storm this weekend....we shall see.

So far it has only snowed twice. Once was a good inch or so, washed away an hour later by rain. The other were snowflakes so small you could barely see them. Otherwise it's just been cold. I wish it would snow for Mazee's sake, she loves it. Where I live we are lucky if we get three days of snowfall, with the rest of the week lasting, (stale) snow. Once a year, too.

Otherwise, all the schools up by Seattle are closed due to flooding.

Below is that first day!


Here are some pictures near Centralia of the floods that I took on the way home from Portland


Are those the floods in Washington? Did you have to detour I-5 (if you even went in that direction), because it was under five feet of water!

Luckily we made it close to home before they put up the detours. I stayed at my brothers house that night because he had a generator and a Wii :D. One of the resturaunts got swept away by a mudslide so we had to take a (creepy) detour around that. If we had left Portland later we would have had to go to Eastern Washington and then back to Western Washington to get home.

I am so greatful that there weren't any floods here, although here on the coast there were some really huge wind gusts.(Or so I've heard)

Yeah, a tree fell on our neighbors trailer and the weird thing is is that in the last storm we had uor fence blew down and in this one we only lost a piece of wood from it even though this one was much stronger.

We have had some bad storms to. Last year school was closed, and there were trees down everywhere. Our house was the one of the only houses with power for some reason. No internet or T.V though :(

It was funny to hear people at school say that they had no power for weeks, and I'd tell them "Oh, the power just flickered at my house."

Our power was out for nearly a week so next time I won't be complaining when it's only out for a day

Oh and yeah, they were in Washington.

Every time you post a pic of your dog, I get jealous that my dog isn't nearly as cute.

I live in Michigan, we they don't usually cancel school due to snow (unless it starts snowing around 4 am and snows ALOT, other than that they usually get it cleared) they usually cancel school because its to cold or if theres an ice storm (which look awesome in the morning) its been 20 or under the past week or so but its all fun :) Al Gore is full of crap


10 years ago

It's 80 degrees here (no joke), which is startling warm, even for mid-Georgia. We haven't had snow in my area since I was 6.

same here. well not the no snow since i was 6. last decent snow i can remember was about 6-8 years ago. there may have been one since, i just cant remember. tomorrow, 80 degrees. thursday, 71 with a chance of rain (please please please let it rain, water restrictions are killing me).

tomorrow, 80 degrees. thursday, 71 with a chance of rain (please please please let it rain, water restrictions are killing me)

Our lakes our basically puddles, that's how bad our drought is.

sorry to hear about that...

Me too! and its my birthday! Check out my forun post (awesomeness!) Santa Fe Public Schools (NM)

We're now well into winter, yet we've only had a couple of minor frosts.

Thirty years ago, at this time of year, I would have been walking to school through at least six inches of snow. (Who says global warming isn't real?)

Ten years ago, the town I live in was closed by a quarter inch of snow, because it turned to glassy ice as soon as it landed - we got no milk or bread until lunchtime.

If any of you watch the UK news, just wait until it does snow - road chaos, airports will close, doom will be predicted and the gritters will be stuck in drifts. Britain is crippled by a couple of inches of snow every year. The Powers That Be always seem to get caught out by winter. You'd think they'd remember to mark it on their calenders.

Aye, I remember when younger the snow that drifted to almost cover telephone poles where I grew up. But there was no walking to my school. It took 45 minutes to get there by bus LOL

Lucky. We didn't have school for a week because of a huge storm...But that wasn't fun because there wasn't any power. It was just last week actually...

Grays Harbor, Pacific, and Lewis counties. Those are all I can remember anyway.

Unfortunately, I've had only one delay so far, when it snowed about 6-8 inches.

Congrats! We haven't had a snow day in about 2-3 years..... I can't even remember..

You are so lucky, we just have light rain here. Hopefully what you have will carry its way over to PA.

Not for awhile...it is like 46+oF out there.

Lucky duck! Too bad we don't get sun days in florida =[

Really? I suppose you must not have done much huh? I've got loads of friends, tis half the reason why I so like runescape...

What does?

I'm homeschooled sucker!

Yes, I think that was what happened with the incident I mention; only the thin layer of ice was under the snow, and so that created the situation....I do not recall if they came and took us to school or home with the "rescue bus" *shrug*

Ack no fair, we won't get ice till February...

:-) no, I am not going to tell you I had to walk through 8 feet of snow, in my bare feet, up hill, both ways, to get to and from school; BUT, I do remember that "IF" the buses could get through, they were required to. So snow days were reserved for days that one woke up and there was over a foot of snow all over, and it would still have to be coming down pretty hard; since the plows would be through soon, so that it would only be a delay if it wasn't snowing at the time.

Ah yes, the fun of the bus sliding off the road one time, into an embankment.....you all miss these good times you know ?