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Hi everyone, im a new member and have a task at hand which is a puzzle to me but would probably be a breeze for u tech savvy bunch :-)

Ok heres my dilemma:

I have a remote location where i want to setup an IP Camera run on Solar Power. I have purchased a wireless 802.11 ip camera with pan and tilt capabilities as well as an audio in (internal mic) and an audio out (1 x audio line out interface) along with 4 alarm in and out male ports.

Heres what i want to be able to do:

1. View the cam remotely via PC/Mobile Phone.
2. Utilise the Pan and Tilt capabilities
3. Have a text message/email sent to me everytime the alarm is activated/motion is detected
4. Be able to have audio in and out
5. Have the camera on standby until motion is detected
6. Have the solar power as the only source of energy for the camera and the camera to be able to run 24hrs a day (standby and in use)
7. Was also wanting the solar power to charge batteries so at night time the cam would still work or if its a cloudy day etc etc

Now im thinking that i would need a modem with a sim card in it to work the internet side of things. But how would i go about getting the audio and alarm functions working? I can plug an ethernet cable into a modem and put a sim card into a modem and connect the cam and modem up to a solar power source, but where the heck do i plug the audio and alarm cables into??? In the below link theres specs on the cam as well as pics of the types of connections available on the cam.

I wouldnt have a clue about Volts and Watts and amps etc so am stuck at just buying the cam which is here:


Please help ladies and gents it would be kindly appreciated. Thanking you in advance for your words of wisdom. 

p.s. i have scoured the forums and google for this type of setup and have got close but need something custom for my situation and my low level of knowledge in these areas.



Hi, thanks for your reply. On the list of specs it has the controlling program being on www.IPCMonitor.exe but even if i could work all those functions like the alarm and the audio through the website(which im sure i can) it still leaves me with the dilemma of where and what do i plug the audio and alarm cables into??

I don't know what you were expecting when you bought this but:

What you have is an ip wireless security cam. You stick it on the wall, plug in the power. It seems you can plug in a speaker or headphones in the audio out jack. A microphone is built in. It has a place to plug in addition security system things like sensors or alarm bells.

The unit then communicates wirelessly with your your computer on a wireless network or else if you have plugged in the ethernet cable to your network.

You need a computer or laptop running to see what the camera is seeing. It is not an ip server type camera that can automatically transmit images over the internet.

The security system software that should go with this should allow you to control pan, tilt, zoom, listen to the audio, transmit what you say into your computer microphone, set alarms or alerts on various events - cam error/shutdown/loss of signal/movement detection.

You can access these ip cams by a website but they essentially point back to your computer running the security camera software.

ok i think i get what ur saying, that the audio out jack i can plug speakers into and that will allow me to transmit audio from a remote location and get beamed through the speaker, right?

yes with the alarm ports im really not familiar with them so didnt know what they were for, alarms, bells and whistles isnt something that i need so now i know to leave them off the list.

the camera is in a remote location, meaning that its not near my house or anywhere with a internet connection nor a powerpoint. hence my need to buy a modem that runs 3g so i can use internet via a sim card, which will beam the images for me to a remote desktop pc or laptop or mobile phone. and also hence the solar power i wanted to run the system off will obviously provide me with the energy that i need. but i need to know how big a system i will need and what hardware to purchase along with the panel etc??

my main aim is to have no phone line or powerline on the actual premises the camera is on and still have it beam footage over a 3G wireless signal. so basically wanted to get a modem which runs off a 3G sim card which are available and then have that connected to the cam via ethernet which would give me internet and remote viewing capabilities and then have the cam and modem run off a solar panel system with a backup battery for basically night time usage when theres no sun. is this possible ?

thankyou for your advice :-)

Best thing to do is to test it out in parts and see. Get the ipcam up and see if it connects directly to the internet, see how you access it, then get it running on the 3g modem. Then figure out how to power with a solar setup. Good luck.

The camera did not come with any software? The functions are meant to be controlled by a computer or security system device.