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SONY must pay $150 for music virus damages; how to collect? Answered

A few years ago Sony BMG Music was putting wicked rootkit viruses on the PC's of anyone who played their CDs with a computer. Less than 2 years ago, the US FTC settled with Sony that they should no longer hide malware on CD's and that people whose PC's got infected with their viruses be paid up to $150 for the expense of fixing the PC's. Soon after that, Sony sued the company that designed their viruses for $12,000,000 to pay for the damage. While searching the internet I find lots of cheering but no info on how to claim this settlement. I'm sure there are many people out there whose PC's were infected a few years ago after playing a Sony CD who wouldn't mind getting $150 now.



'SONY' gave away viruses?!


10 years ago

The last computer that I put a Sony BMG CD in it, is now cut up, and dismantled after lightning strike. but the hard-drive is still going, which I have running another computer, does it count? =)