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SR Commando v1- NOW POSTED! Answered

I have been hyping this gun up in the chatroom for a bit, so I got a pic today.

This is A combo of my 2 best knex guns I ever built- The AR-4 Commando v2, and the Longbow v2. I made it mostly for the innovative ideas it brought, but i wanted to see if it was possible to combine the AR-4 v2 and Longbow v2.

This gun uses an extremely reliable BRAND NEW sear system trigger which never misfires or jams, I thought of making a double-ratchet system and put it in a super modded Longbow handle. The stock Is an uber modded AR-4 commando stock. Same thing with the barrel.

It is a single shot, but it can have a mag. Range is 40-50 feet (one rubbeband).

the second pic is a close up of the mech.

The only con I can think of atm is that this gun is sorta skeletony at the bottom. But its extremely sturdy nevertheless

Ok, I changed the name because I thought it would be less confusing and more appropriate.


Allright guys, If im not feeling lazy tomorrow, You will get your own SR Commando instructions. It will be posted on ibles, KI, and knexables.

Awesome! (I need to get my Lancer posted)

why would your bro be stopping you?

I thought Knex_builder_freak was the burrito master's brother. you know, the one with the nerf longshot as his avatar.

LOL You haven't even FIRED it, probably.

why do you think it is soo bad? Why do you judge it without giving it a chance?

Your guns are simpler than this gun (which is my most complex one yet). Look at your own guns before you complain about others.

Right, lets just put a pin in this conversation. Pop! (Anyone else seen Bolt?)

Not I, said the cow Not I, said the dog Not I, said the DJ

I got a knex set yesterday. If I didnt get that, this gun wouldnt exist.

Ah, lots of minis and mini chain. But FUN!! I recommend getting the Motorized Madness Ball machine. Fun, 2004 pieces, etc.

yeah, he has no right to say a gun is bad before he shoots it unless its a block trigger.

OK seriously stop hating block triggers now. The DD-27 used a block hooked up to a true trigger and even though this didn't work, typically a block is the most reliable kind of trigger. They're old but it doesn't automatically mean a gun sucks.

the only reason I hate block triggers is cuz everyone else does. And I know you will say something about the crowd...

AH-HA! See, that's the only reason people hate 'em. Everyone else does.

Well then you're only trying to fit in which isn't always the smartest thing to do. Yes, generally we frown on block triggers but we're talking about the "small but power", tube barrel, stick handle guns inspired by Killerk's. The term "block trigger" has been used to describe these types of guns. These are what we hate not the exact trigger itself.

those are the guns I am talking about.

Really? Because you're also always talking about guns that use block triggers too. Either way there is no need to bring them up anymore because no one makes them except for the occasional noob that comes up every 3 months.

ok, lets change the subject. How do you like this gun? in detail.


Honestly, I don't see what all the fuss is about, I like this.

Knex gun said it was too simple, thus it was bad. This is neither bad nor simple. and thanks!